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Rock Sound 24 February 2014 at 14.54

Stream ‘I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit’, the cheerily titled debut EP from Brawlers, out March 05 on Alcopop Records.

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Listen to 'I Am A Worthless Piece of Shit' on the player above and scroll down for an exclusive track by track discussion of the record from frontman Harry Johns!

01. Mothers And Fathers
"This song is just a really simple ode to realising that as hard as you try, you end up just like your folks (or at least one of them). It's also about that feeling when you get home after work and get dolled up for a Friday listening to great records real loud. It’s a Friday night song for sure."

02. Instagram Famous
"Just a playful straightforward punk rock song about girls on IG and ex's moaning about stuff on FB and just how much fun and how silly the Internet is now. The irony that we all love this stuff and all have Instagram accounts, it's just a laugh. Don't get me started on the notion of 'selfies' though."

03. No Sweat
"This was one of our first songs, Bob Cooper in Manchester took a punt on us and let us record a demo to send to a bunch of people. It's just got one of those tempos that makes you want to punch the air! It's so much fun live."

04. Heart Attack
"I guess maybe thinking about it, it's an ex song? Like 'leave me alone', Wayne's World type stuff! Tommy had lent me a ton of old Black Flag vinyl and I was trying to rip them off I think!"

05. Boudelaire
"In everyone's life there's one boy or girl that, if they decided to come back into your life, you know you'd take them back even though it's the worst idea ever! It's the most '[email protected]#k you' song on the record but in our style."

06. I Am A Worthless Piece Of Shirt
"This song is about Christmas 2012. Best not go into it too much. It’s about me realising in my maturity that I’m probably too psycho to do relationships even though I love the idea of them. You have no idea how rubbish I am at girls."

Brawlers will be bringing these songs to the following shows:

07 - LONDON Birthdays
11 - LEEDS Brudenell Social Club
02 - MANCHESTER Star & Garter
17 - BATH Moles
18 - LONDON Barfly
19 - NORWICH Epic Studios 3
20 - GLASGOW King Tuts
21 - NEWCASTLE O2 Academy2
22 - MANCHESTER Sound Control
02 - CARDIFF Undertone

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