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Rock Sound 14 May 2012 at 12.24

Stream a brand new track entitled ‘Better Days’, taken from the band’s new ‘Be Good. Be Gracious.’ EP, out May 28!

"Hey everyone, Boy Jumps Ship here. You are about to hear 'Better Days', one of our favourite songs. It's big, anthemic, driving, dynamic and subtle all at the same time. One of the reasons we chose to stream this song from the EP is because we feel that it demonstrates every aspect of our band. Every element that helps to make up our sound as a band can be heard in this song. When we set out to record our EP we wanted four songs that flowed and sounded right together, but at the same time we wanted four songs that would be able to bring something different to the table. This song is probably the most progressive of the four.

During the writing process of this song, we really pushed ourselves as musicians. Not so much technically, but more in terms of the textures and dynamics that really help to compliment each other and give the song that extra quality, especially in the bridge section. Some songs take more time to write than others, but with this one we had a feeling we were really onto something. The lyrics and meaning behind the song really help to tie in with the title of the EP, 'Be Good. Be Gracious.' The EP touches on the idea of being young and constantly feeling up against it, but this song puts a positive spin on that. It emphasises the need to take the positives out of every situation and really make the most of every opportunity. It's a refusal to lie down.

Recording the EP with Pete [Miles] really helped to bring out the best in the song too. We had a distinct idea in our heads about how we wanted the song to sound in recorded form, and he managed to execute that far beyond our imagination for it. We couldn't be happier with it. Hopefully people will grow to love the song as much as we do."

Order your copy of the ‘Be Good. Be Gracious.’ EP at this link and go to the launch party at The Black Heart in Camden on June 04. For all else

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