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Rock Sound 13 January 2014 at 14.00

Blitz Kids talk through and stream their new album ‘The Good Youth’ exclusively on the Rock Sound website! 


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Listen to 'The Good Youth on the player above and scroll down for an exclusive track by track discussion of the record from vocalist Joe James and guitarist Jono Yates.

01. All I Want Is Everything
Joe: "This song gifted me the title of the album. I wrote this song about the constant unrest I have lived with my entire life. I am constantly under the impression that I'm underachieving or that things in my life aren't quite as good as they could be. It's pretty demoralising being constantly dissatisfied. The worst thing is that I know what's wrong with me I just don't know how to stop it. This song is therapy for my soul, it helps me remember how lucky I am, that the grass isn't always greener and to never take life for granted."

02. Run For Cover
Joe: "Touring schedules can be pretty intense. We've been away a lot this past year and it's going to get even busier next year. I worked with Nic [Montgomery, bassist] on the lyrics to this song. He recently got married and this song is a message to his wife. Being away from home a lot with work is something a lot of people can associate with. It's tough on relationships and this song talks about that. Ultimately the message is that it's shitty right now and it might get even shittier still but I love you and we're gonna be alright. Heart warming stuff from Mr. Bass."

03. On My Own
Joe: "There was a point a few years ago when I was pretty close to being kicked out of this band. I wasn't showing up to rehearsal and I wasn't talking to anyone. I was a mess. I was hanging around with losers and ruining my life basically. The boys stuck by me and helped me out of a pretty ghastly downward spiral. I wrote parts of these lyrics at the time and finished them off for the album. This song was one of the first songs I wrote for this release and set a precedent for how much I was willing to share on the rest of the album."

04. Sometimes
Joe: "Sometimes was the song that started it all for us. It's what got the attention of John Feldmann and Red Bull Records. I got pretty badly bullied in school, I never knew why at the time so I started to find flaws in myself that perhaps weren't even there to begin with. I am a firm believer in karma and that hard work pays off and this song is essentially about me having the last laugh. I'm a stronger person because of what I went through and I'm proud of the person I've become."

05. Keep Swinging
Joe: "We've been a band for a while. We've been making music for years and no matter what obstacles get in our way we always overcome them. When you get knocked on your ass time after time it feels like the only option you have left is to give up, but it has been drilled into me from a young age that endurance is the key to success so it really doesn't matter what happens in the future because we will never give up. That's our mantra."

06. Long Road
Joe: "There's a mindset that comes engrained with a small town upbringing that encourages complacency. I'm not knocking those who choose that life but it was never enough for us. We always wanted more. There is no true satisfaction in living below your potential in life and this song is about the feeling I get when I see my friends wasting their potential and about the trap your hometown can set when you spend too much time at the bar and not enough time with your guitar."

07. Sold My Soul
Joe: "Leaving a mark on this world is something I haven't shied away from writing about in the past. I spent a large portion of my life wondering why we are even alive, what is the point? Spoiler: I have no idea. What I do know is that I'd like to be remembered for contributing in some positive way and maybe this could be it."

08. Perfect
Joe: "I am a perfectionist. To a fault. It's a tiring pursuit. I was trying to write a song about this particular subject and predictably I was never quite happy with any of the lyrics. Shocking. I decided that the only way to do it was to beat my compulsion at its own game and write the song whilst tracking it in the vocal booth. So this song was written on the spot and in the moment and it's probably one of my favourites on the album."

09. Pinnacle
Joe: "I'm sure everyone can associate with that moment in a relationship where you really don't see it going anywhere. It's all downhill hill from that point but neither one of you has the stones to end it. After all, no one wants to be the bad guy. So you carry on pretending but it's a ticking time bomb really. I've been in that situation a couple times and this songs is just my perspective on the awkwardness of that predicament."

10. Title Fight
Jono: "Anxiety is an issue I've dealt with for the whole of my adult life. I've never heard a song that really addresses it in a way that I can relate to without being cliche and shit. It's always like 'everything is going to be okay', and that's genuinely the last thing you want to hear. You have to have experienced anxiety and panic attacks in the worst situations to really understand them. It's not as simple as 'don't worry about it.' It's a really unpredictable and horrible thing to have to suffer from. So many important things in my life have suffered. Relationships, education, family and even this band at times. I'm not really comfortable talking about it to other people, as I feel like people don't really understand. So I thought I'd write a song about it. Hopefully people going through a similar situation can relate and realise that they aren't alone in their struggle."

11. Roll The Dice
Joe: "This song is a tribute to my hometown. Despite the sometimes negative references, the experiences I had growing up there are what shaped me into the man I am today. This song sums up the moment in my life when I decided enough was enough. I'd been working behind a bar for three years listening to the same pisshead bullshit stories and I wanted out. It was tough to leave my friends behind (and you can't beat the ease of living at home with your mum cooking dinner every night) but I had to get out on my own, if only to see if I could survive. It was the best decision I ever made. Now I look forward to going back to my hometown and seeing old friends."

12. The Sound of a Lost Generation
Joe: "I hope this songs inspires people to believe in themselves. I've been told a few times that I've helped someone stay alive. That my band is the only thing they have in their life, or that they'd be dead without us. This simply is not true. Perhaps we helped, but it was you who saved yourself. You who stopped things from going too far. This song is about self discovery and self acceptance, it's about knowing your worth and purpose. It's about looking to the future and believing that you truly can achieve anything you set your mind too. It's a great closer to the record because it sums up the optimistic outlook I am trying to convey throughout this album. Some of the content may be slightly dark at times, but the overall point I'm trying to make is a positive one."

'The Good Youth' is available from January 20 on Red Bull Records, pre-order your copy of the album here and go see one of the band's headline shows this month.

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