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Track By Track: Between You & Me ‘Everything Is Temporary’

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 13 July 2018 at 11.36

Dealing with themes of love, loss and personal growth- the debut album from Between You & Me packs a pretty big punch.

Australian pop-punks Between You & Me have today released their debut album 'Everything Is Temporary' through Hopeless Records, and it's pretty damn great. 

They haven't shyed away from being brutually honest and taking ownership of the situations that have inspired 'Everything Is Temporary', so we thought we'd get Between You And Me frontman Jake Wilson to talk us through the album track by track. 

Over to Jake:

'Twice Shy' 
The album kicks off with a punchy, in your face track intended to pump everyone up from the first second. 'Twice Shy' was the last song to be completed in the writing process of 'Everything Is Temporary’. James (bass/ vocals) and I re-wrote the lyrics/ concept to this song a week or two before it was time to record, but it ended up with one of the strongest choruses on the album. What we ended with was a fun, bouncy song telling all our shit friends to get a grip and to stop wasting our time. 

'Move On'
This album explores a lot of feelings, emotions and experiences from the past few years of my life. One of the predominant themes of ‘Everything Is Temporary’ is breaking up with my girlfriend at the time. 'Move On' is one of the three songs I wrote covering this. I completely acknowledge my wrong-doings in our time together, while at the same time letting her know that I want her to be happy and to someday be friends again despite whatever happened between us. This was quite a reflective period for me in my life, and during this time I was able to realise that I wasn’t the best person I could be for the both of us and wanted to be fully transparent with her and everyone. 


There are a few deep topics on this album but ‘Dakota' definitely isn’t one of them. I quite directly explain that I dislike my friend's partner a lot. The two had been in a toxic relationship for years and after many attempts to try and make her realise this I decided that maybe a catchy song would do the trick. Nothing too fancy in the meaning of this song except to realise that if you aren’t entirely happy or are in a controlling relationship then to wake up and do something about it before you waste years you can’t get back. 

This song first and foremost is an apology to my ex, while at the same time taking full responsibility for the fact that I was the cause for a lot of her sadness in the last few months of our relationship. The both of us were just trying to hang on to good memories we had of being together but realised that we weren’t meant to be, no matter how hard we tried to make it work. You can hear me in this song describe that not only have I fucked up, I’ve completely given up on trying to fix what is broken. 

'Friends From 96'

There was this one specific time I remembercatching a train on the weekend to go to band practice. I was looking out at the people on the train and I realised that I was starting to lose touch with the people I was closest to and spoke to everyday in high school. Naturally as everyone leaves school they tend to drift apart due to pursuing different career choices. But this was a particular day I was quite sad at the thought of not speaking to these people in a couple years. This song is me pretty much thinking in my own head “Does anyone care?" 

'Good Intentions'
Last in the breakup saga is 'Good Intentions’. This song references the back and forth emotions that one may experience during the ending of a relationship. How one minute you’re trying your hardest to make things work, then the next you’re in the heat of the moment and decide you don’t want to ever talk to the person again. All of these breakup songs are mainly apologising from my end and how I know I fucked up but I want to make things better but also not really knowing how to. 

'Floral Glass'
This song is definitely the most hard-hitting one I’ve written, and the most hard-hitting on the album. The song paints a pretty detailed honest picture so I don’t feel there is much more need to dissect such a delicate song. But all you really need to know is that it’s a about a family member passing away. 

'I Can't Help It'
This is a song I wrote for the scary number of people who feel the things I’ve described in this song. Although I can’t personally say that this song is a direct excerpt from my state of mind, I can say that I know a few people who have struggled with mental health issues and I know that it affects a lot of people. I wanted the people who feel this way to be able to listen to this song and know that they aren’t the only ones feeling this way and they aren’t alone.  

'Catch A Break'
Musically this is probably the darkest it gets on this record. I feel like it definitely has differences from our other tracks but also feels very Between You And Me at the same time. ‘Catch A Break’ lyrically and musically continues on from ‘I Can’t Help It’ so I felt it was fitting to start off with the song with my own “I Can’t Help It” moments I experienced growing up. This is a song I wrote about the relationship I had with my father when I was younger. Although now the relationship is non-existent I was still able to recall the way I did feel when I was growing up with the pressure of him trying to raise me into something he wanted me to be. 

'Everything Is Temporary'
The whole album takes a musical rollercoaster in terms of the vibe. The start is punchy and jumpy and then as the themes darken so we thought it was really important to take everyone on that journey because it sums up perfectly what the album is all about. ‘Everything Is Temporary' is about the journey everyone travels in life and what we all chose to take out of it. 'Everything Is Temporary' is a reminder to everyone to live your life the best you can because you never really know what’s going to happen. The great times you may be experiencing currently won’t last forever. Eventually everything comes to an end at one point. The same way that even at your lowest point in life, there will always be a way to get through it. With the concluding lyrics of the album we want everyone to remember that (no matter what the line means to them) these days will end eventually, because “Everything Is Temporary".

Give 'Everything Is Temporary' a listen below:

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