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The Best Music Videos Of 2018… So Far

James Wilson-Taylor
James Wilson-Taylor 13 June 2018 at 15.06

From Panic! At The Disco's action movie violence to Paramore's 1970s newsreaders, here all the best videos this year has had to offer us so far.

So many music videos, so little time - with tons of promo clips already released this year, it is hard to know which ones you should actually bother to check out on YouTube. Well, don't worry because your friends here at Rock Sound will be keeping this running list of the finest music videos of 2018 which we will continue to update throughout the year for your reading and viewing pleasure. You're welcome.

Here are just a few of our faves from 2018 so far:

Fall Out Boy - 'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)'

Directed by Y2K.

Packed full of fan in-jokes and nods to the past, this is the only home shopping network we ever want to spend money at. Plus, Andy and Joe will teach you a new hi-five which is extra fun.


Paramore - 'Rose Colored Boy'

Directed by Warren Fu.

This deserves a place on any 'best of' list purely for Hayley's epic take on former Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly's infamous rant ("fuck it, we'll do it live" etc). The 'Anchorman' sequel we deserve.


Panic! At The Disco - 'Say Amen (Saturday Night)'

Directed by Daniel 'Cloud' Campos and Spencer Susser.

Ninjas. An evil key. A kick in the balls. Plus easter eggs and references to other Panic! videos including 'This Is Gospel'. Take note other bands - this is how you start up a new era.


Waterparks - 'Not Warriors/Crybaby'

Directed by Erik Rojas and Joe Mischo.

What's better than a music video for one Waterparks banger? A music video for TWO Waterparks bangers combined into one. An easy highlight of Awsten, Geoff and Otto's 'Entertainment'-era so far.


Tonight Alive - 'Disappear (Feat. Lynn Gunn)'

Directed by Neal Walters.

Jenna takes a lonely walk through the big city, travelling on public transportation while keeping her headphones in at all times. It's basically a video of our morning commute to work. Probably why we like it.


Underoath - 'Rapture'

Directed by Andrew Joffe.

The heavy icons return with this taster of album 'Erase Me' complete with eerie green lighting, a ton of body paint and faces in the wall. Creepy AF basically.


IDK How - 'Nobody Likes The Opening Band'

Video Production by Awesome Forces!

Allegedly dug up from a 1983 videotape of a bowling league tournament, the clip sees Dallon and Ryan beg the crowd to check out their opening band. Judging by the boos and amount of stuff thrown at them, we guess it didn't work out that well...


As It Is - 'The Wounded World'

Directed by Our World Is Grey.

Now THIS is how you launch a new era of a band. New style, new songs and an already iconic poster print to boot, Patty and the boys kick off 'The Great Depression' in serious style.


Real Friends - 'From The Outside'

Directed by Caleb Mallery

Day-glo, sunny and basically the exact opposite of what the song is really about, the happy aesthetic is the perfect fit for this emotionally charged single.


State Champs - 'Our Time To Go'

Directed by Chris Fleck Hernandez

An alien love story with more than a handful of 'Stranger Things' references thrown in for good measure, this taster of 'Living Proof' will take you straight back to your childhood bedroom watching Speilberg movies.


Good Charlotte - 'Actual Pain'

Directed by Jake Stark.

The first track released from the Madden brothers' 'Generation Rx', this short-form drama focusing on the darker side of a mother-son relationship packs a serious emotional punch. 


Neck Deep - 'Don't Wait (ft. Sam Carter)

Directed by Our World Is Grey

That Ben Barlow is a talented lad isn't he? Not only is the frontman of a hugely successful UK pop punk band, he also co-produced and conceived the idea for this fantasy-esque visual for one of 'The Peace And The Panic's biggest bangers.


Don Broco - 'Greatness'

Directed by Benjamin Roberds

'Mad Max' with an added dance off. What more do you want?


Twenty One Pilots - 'Jumpsuit'

Directed by Andrew Donoho

With connections to the 'Heavydirtysoul' video, Tyler and Josh return in style with a dramatic, high concept video that ushers in their new era on horseback with just a touch of yellow. Who else can't wait for 'Trench' now?

We'll keep updating this piece throughout the year so check back soon to see if your fave made the cut.

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