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Behind The Screen: London Is The Reason

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 23 May 2009 at 01.34

Director Adam Powell tells Rock Sound all about the making of new Gallows video ‘London Is The Reason’.

Gallows have posted the video for their next single 'London Is The Reason' online so Rock Sound caught up with clip director Adam Powell to get more information.

What was the idea behind this clip? Obviously it fits into the wider story of the album but what aesthetic were you trying to go for, what was visually influencing you when making this?

''London Is The Reason is the intro to the whole film so it was important to capture that dark aggressive vibe early on,'' Powell admits. ''There's a few nods to Directors like Jonathan Glazer, and I drew a lot of reference from films like Children Of Men but really we just wanted to capture as much of an oppressive atmosphere as possible, keep it dark, practically colourless and stark as hell.''

Which parts were difficult to film? Did anyone get a proper slap or a baton in the face during the end fight sequence?

''I wish I could tell you it was all choreographed, coordinated and staged but people were getting battered even after the cameras cut. I'm pretty sure Frank demonstrated the 'correct way to punch' on our lead Pig's face a couple of times which I'm sure he loved. It was all in good humour though, people were helping each other up and having a lot of fun with it despite the freezing cold!''

How long did this part of the film take to shoot?

''The intro to the video, all the driving and 'The Rats' running was shot over a number of days in various locations around London but the main barricade fight scene was shot on one freezing cold pissing wet day in deepest darkest South London. Good times honest!''

How stressful was doing this film project with Gallows?

''Gallows were great but it was a difficult project for sure, it's hard not to get stressed when you're so involved with something, yeah it got heated at times but in reality everyone just wanted the project to be really fucking great and we all worked hard to make that happen. Everyone on the cast and crew from production right down to the runners put their heart and soul into the film and I can't thank them enough, we all came out of it still friends and with a pretty cool video so I'm happy.''

What's up next for yourself?

''I've recently signed to Black Dog / RSA which is possibly one of the most exciting things to happen to me ever! Just finished putting together a video for Jamie T's new single 'Sticks & Stones' and pitching on a couple of other things as we speak. I'm just hoping I'll continue to the have the opportunity to work with such awesome artists and people.''

For more of Adam's work click here, to stalk him on Twitter click here

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