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Rock Sound
Rock Sound 25 July 2011 at 15.40

Band of the week talk Rock Sound through their inspirations.

Basement bassist Alex Henery talks Rock Sound through the influences that helped shape the band's most excellent album 'I Wish I Could Stay Here', out now on Run For Cover Records.

Listen to or download the track 'Crickets Throw Their Voice' at the bottom of the article and read on to find out how burritos and Ipswich inspire them to make music. To find out more about Basement pick up a copy of Rock Sound Issue 151, out everywhere now.

The Ataris
"The band I listened to most when I was growing up. I think I listened to ‘End Is Forever’ enough times for me to not be able to ever listen to another record more. They are such a simple band, and I think that’s why I like them so much. It’s very honest music."

"This is our band and we do everything how we want it done. It’s not just the band either, it’s the merch designs, the artwork, the tour flyers, the zines, the website. We design those ourselves. Basement Collective."

"Grass roots music. We don’t sound like a hardcore band, but we write like a hardcore band. We don’t have dreams or goals. This band isn’t trying to be anything but a band. We’re not trying to ‘make it’. We’re just trying to make music."

Our Hometown
"We live in a small town called Ipswich where there is literally nothing to do… unfortunately it's also one of those places full of people that do nothing. The band is an amazing creative outlet that gives us the opportunity to travel and visit amazing people and places."

90's Music
"Bands that wrote sad songs.
Bands that played in minor keys.
Bands that didn’t care about anything."

"If I hadn’t met the people I have met, Basement wouldn’t be a band. I mean this both positively and negatively. I am thankful for those I continue to spend my time with as a band and equally for those I choose to never speak to again."

"Pizza, Burritos, Pasta, Steak, Ribs, Bacon, Cheese, everything but vegan chilli."

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