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Bands React: The Return Of My Chemical Romance

Jack Rogers
Jack Rogers 1 November 2019 at 11.26

You didn't think it would just be fans who have been getting excited over the MCR news, did you?

Last night My Chemical Romance took the world by storm by announcing their return with a show at the Shrine Expo Hall in Los Angeles on December 20. 

Aside from fans losing their mind at their favourite band making a return after almost seven years away, bands were getting just as hyped. 

Here's a selection for you...

Mike Shinoda tweeted his happiness at hearing about the band's reunion while also reminiscing about the shows that Linkin Park played with them. 

As It Is stuck the cap locks on...

....while guitarist Ben Langford-Biss couldn't help but say it, erm, as it is. 

Mark Hoppus reminded us that we should probably listen to him more often.

And Alex Gaskarth used this opportunity to tell everyone a bit about his childhood. 

The Maine's Pat Kirch pointed out that everybody should probably send an apology-based muffin basket to Joe Jonas. 

Asking Alexandria's Ben Bruce put his birthday celebrations on hold to pay tribute to something else very special - a birthday that he shares with Frank Iero no less.

After playing 'Teenagers' in their sets for so long, Palaye Royale felt like it was the right time to hand the reigns back to the song's creators...

...While Remington Leith gave a calm and collected response to what had just happened. 

Alex Biro of Selfish Things summed it all up pretty perfectly.  

Then let the whole occasion consume him so much that it filled his head long after bedtime. 

You can't blame Waterparks for feeling like this, can you?

And Awsten Knight then made us all whack our keyboards wildly until the 'I'm Not Okay' video started playing. 

Thursday frontman, 'I Brought You My Bullets, You Brought Me Your Love' producer and long time friend of the band Geoff Rickly kept it short and emotional. 

And finally, Jack Barakat did the only thing that he could in such a monumental moment; donned his best eyeliner and took a killer selfie. 

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