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Band’s Best Friend: Maxx Danziger and Pistol

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 28 June 2018 at 19.55

Because rock star pets deserve love too.

This is Band's Best Friend, the weekly feature where we we profile the furry friends behind the bands. 

This is where we find out a little about the four-legged, furry, feathered or spikey (that'll make sense in the coming weeks) friends of our favourite bands.

This week we get to know Pistol the cat (and model, obviously) of Set It Off's Maxx Danziger. 

NAME: Princess Pistol Marie Danziger
BREED: American Shorthair Calico Alien (She actually might be a duck I’m honestly not sure) 
HOW DID YOU MEET? Have you ever seen Lilo & Stitch? That’s exactly how it happened. 
LIKES: Head Scratches, Food, Naps, Food, Attention, More Attention, Biting Me For Absolutely No Reason, Going To Space, Food
DISLIKES: Racism, People Touching Her Paws
GREATEST MOMENT: Every second in Pistol’s existence has been the greatest moment in the history of the universe. Also one time she got her head stuck in a Mini Muffins™ bag
BIGGEST MISHAP: The first night I brought Pistol home I let her sleep in my bed. I woke up to discover that she had peed on every single inch of my mattress. To this day she refuses to apologize or even acknowledge that it happened. 

What an absolute QUEEN. We love Pistol. 

If you want more Pistol in your life, follow her dad Maxx on twitter, because she is a very very regular feature in his tweets.

Want more rock star pets in your life? Check out Lights and her enormous cat Stanley, and You Me At Six' Josh Franceschi and his french bulldog Harley.

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