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Band’s Best Friend: Danny Worsnop And Cowboy

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 26 July 2018 at 19.23

Because rock star pets deserve love too.

This is Band's Best Friend, the weekly feature where we we profile the furry friends behind the bands. 

This is where we find out a little about the four-legged, furry, feathered or spikey friends of our favourite bands.

This week Asking Alexandria's Danny Worsnop introduces us to his hero dog, Cowboy.

NAME: Cowboy
AGE: 5
BREED: Golden Retriever
HOW DID YOU MEET? I was put in touch with a Disney breeder through a movie I was filming at the time. I saw some pictures and drove out to their ranch just to check it out. That was pretty much the end of that! It was love at first sight! 
LIKES: Swimming. Every morning when we wake up, I grab a coffee and we head outside to jump in the pool. He stays in usually all day until dark. We live in Phoenix, AZ (and soon Jacksonville, FL too) so it’s a good way for him to take a break from the heat! He also likes absolutely anything edible.
DISLIKES: Distance. He’s very touch-orientated and is never more than an arms reach away from me… he sleeps by my side and when I’m away he just hangs out in my room. Even when I’m driving he’ll have his paw across the console on my hand.
GREATEST MOMENT: He’s done some amazing things, and helped both people and other dogs overcome numerous obstacles. One of my personal favorites was a street dog that had been brought back from Afghanistan which was incredibly hostile and aggressive with other animals (she’d clearly had to fight to stay alive). We met up at a beach and Cowboy broke her. He was firm but not aggressive, when she went for him he put her down then stepped back, showing her that she didn’t have to fight and that there wasn’t a threat. After a couple hours she was like a new dog!
BIGGEST MISHAP: There really haven’t been any mishaps… he was incredibly well trained and is the best behaved dog I’ve ever been around. His temperament is amazing, he reads the room and acts accordingly… slow and soft with babies, playful and gentle with children, comforting with the weak, exhausting with the athletic, relaxed with the potato… I suppose it’s what made him so good at what it is he does best, help people (and animals) with whatever it is they happen to need, whether they know it or not. He’s never had an accident inside, never chewed things, never ate off tables, never acted up… he’s the perfect guy!

Anyone else completely in love with Cowboy?

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