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Band’s Best Friend: Between You & Me’s Jake Wilson And His Eight Foster Kittens

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 12 July 2018 at 18.54

Because rock star pets deserve love too.

This is Band's Best Friend, the weekly feature where we we profile the furry friends behind the bands. 

This is where we find out a little about the four-legged, furry, feathered or spikey (that'll make sense in the coming weeks) friends of our favourite bands.

This week we meet Between You & Me's Jake Wilson who is an absolute legend and fostered eight cats before they could be adopted into their forever homes.

He introduces us to two of his favourite from the eight.

NAME: Ginger / Spot (my favourites of the eight)
AGE: A few months old
BREED: Domestic short haired cat
HOW DID YOU MEET? I came home from work one day and Mum told me that she was going to foster eight cats. A couple of days after I was greeted by a bunch of little blobs that were one week old and couldn’t even open their eyes. There were eight cats in total (two families of one mum with two kittens, and  one mum with four kittens) and I fell in love with them instantly. Unfortunately, due to our living situation we weren’t able to keep them permanently, but at least we were able to spare them from being put down. We fostered them for a few months until they were adopted.
LIKES: Sleeping! When they were little they were always so sleepy, so I appreciated coming home from work and having a group nap. 
DISLIKES: Cuddles- when they’re grew a bit more and gained a lot more energy they would jump and run around the room and not let me cuddle them.
GREATEST MOMENT: When Spot and Ginger fell asleep on me.
BIGGEST MISHAP: One of the kittens was ill, and would always sneeze on the walls leaving a nice coat of cat mucus.

Bit of a bloody legend, is Jake! 

Jake is the frontman of Between You & Me, whose debut album 'Everything Is Temporary' is being released tomorrow through Hopeless Records. 

If you're in to pop-punk, you'll like 'Everything Is Temporary'. Find out all the info about it here. And listen to their latest single from the album 'Friends From 96' below:

And one more picture of Jake's kitten, just because:

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