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Baby’s First Profile Picture: 11 Bands And Their First Facebook Page Profile Picture

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 7 June 2018 at 12.40

We all have a first profile picture. Even bands.

Kicking it off with the reigning kings of emo. Fall Out Boy's profile picture looks like this now:

But it wasn't always like this. Oh no. Let's take it back to the summer of 2001- sorry, let's take it back to January 2008, with Fall Out Boy's first ever facebook profile picture:

A classic shot of the (fall out) boys. It's beautiful in it's simplicity. 

How about Ocala, Florida lads A Day To Remember? Their current facebook profile picture is a swish band photo:

But it wasn't always like that. Oh no. This could be the most Warped Tour photo ever, and we are living for it- it's so 2008:

Bring Me The Horizon have gone for the simple, umbrella logo for their current facebook profile picture:

But 2009 was a different time:

How swish do State Champs look in their current facebook profile picture? Bloody swish. They look very, very good:

Back in 2010 State Champs were arguably just as cool:

All Time Low are keeping it simple, with a nice logo for their current facebook profile picture:

But their first one was full of side-fringe, and makes us want to watch 'I Feel Like Dancin''... anyone else miss 2010?

Sleeping With Sirens look a picture of perfection in their current facebook profile picture:

But they always had a penchant for keeping things simple and tasteful, as their first facebook profile picture from way back in 2011 demonstrates:

The current My Chemical Romance profile picture has remained the same since The Great Teasing Of 2016, and it looks a little something like this:

And to be honest, we're a little touched that the first My Chemical Romance profile picture on facebook is their cover of Rock Sound from back in 2008:

Current day Mayday Parade is a strong look:

<record screech> but it wasn't always this way. Take a look back at the first profile picture, back in 2008:

Back to the modern day, Good Charlotte are out here keeping it simple and tasteful with a moody, full band photo:

But eight years ago, it was a whole lot more like this:

The fathers of modern pop-punk have kept it simple and classic with their current facebook profile picture:

But there was a time when Blink-182 were a little more self-depricating:

Waterparks are looking swell in their current facebook profile picture:

Before that though, they were using the facebook profile picture as a marketing tool for their first demo back in 2011:

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