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Awsten’s Seven Stages of Grief Over His 12 Hour Twitter Suspension

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 March 2018 at 16.28

Twitter is in the process of dishing out punishments to users for years-old offences, and no one is safe. Not even Awsten Knight. 

The shouty Waterparks frontman had his Twitter account suspended for a full 12 hours because of a tweet about jello which he posted over two years ago. Awsten transitioned through the entire seven stages of grief at his suspension, and we all bore witness to it. This is how it went down:

01. Shock and Denial

02. Pain and Regret

03. Anger and Bargaining

04. Depression, Reflection and Loneliness (desperately grasping for attention)

05. The Upward Turn

06. Reconstruction and Working Through

07. Acceptance

Truly, a 12-hour rollercoaster of emotion. A tale of love and loss.

And honestly, the most important thing we’ve taken from this whole situation is how Awsten is deeply regretting the decision to not have his twitter verified. Not actually for any reason related to the suspension, but mostly because he’s struggling to flirt with Victoria Justice. Mood.

The good news is that he’s back. On the off chance that his return is temporary though (hopefully not), you can kick it old school and read his thoughts and opinions on pretty much everything in our current issue (which we'll ship to you, wherever you are in the world, for FREE).

No mention of his love of Victoria Justice though, so we’ll keep our eyes on his Twitter for that burgeoning love story.

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