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As It Is: A Day In The Life On Warped Tour

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 16 July 2018 at 13.29

On what is possibly the wettest day in Warped Tour history, As It Is walk us through what a day in the life looks like for them out on Warped.

As It Is are on the cover of Rock Sound right now! But they're also on the last ever cross-country run of Vans Warped Tour.

We've reached the half-way point of Warped Tour 2018. From the outside, it looks like a whole lot of fun. So we thought we'd get As It Is' Ben Langford-Biss to take us through what a typical day on Warped Tour is like for the guys. 

Except this wasn't just a typical day. This was the Houston date. And this is the day that the heavens opened, and everyone on Warped basically drowned.

Over to Ben.
All photos by Chris Simm.

08:00AM - I lay there awake waiting for the bus to finally stop. The first thing I do is find catering to get coffee and breakfast. The heat will be really draining during the day so getting a good meal in early is essential. Our crew go and help unload the production trucks and Patty gets ready for his TEI workshop on mental health with the non-profit Hope For The Day

09:00AM - Every morning I’ll go out and hustle the lines with pre-orders of 'The Great Depression' and a sign with our set time. You can sell a lot of records everyday by going out and connecting with fans, making new ones and giving people the chance to buy it direct from the artist. It’s hot and exhausting, but one of the most rewarding parts of the day. Hopefully you’ve convinced a few people to check you out! 

10:00AM - By this time you know what time you’re playing (today in Houston we play early at 12:10!) so you can organise your day. A lot of factors can affect how good your set is that day: where the stage is located, potentially clashing with a band you have a big fan cross-over with, you may be on early, you may be on late on a hot day when everyone is tired and has already seen all the bands they want. I enjoy the last few moments of air-conditioning on the bus, do my make-up and get ready for the show. 

11:00AM - We normally head to stage an hour before our set time. We check our crew is happy, make any needed tweaks and changes to our settings we noticed from the day before. We hang out with all the other bands setting up getting ready for the day on our stage and drink lots of water. Right before we go on the rain starts to get really heavy and the whole festival gets evacuated.

12:00PM - We hang out and wait in the production truck for news on when the site will reopen. Everyone is wet, the storm gets worse before it gets better. Over the radios we hear it’s picking back up in just under two hours! 

01:40PM - Ten minutes until stage. Johnny from Hope For The Day gives a speech about mental health before introducing us onto the stage. Today is the biggest crowd we’ve played to on Warped so far. The energy feels incredible and the new songs go down a storm. We only play for 25 minutes so it’s short and sweet but very sweaty. The rain on the stage makes it hard to fully do all our usual antics without slipping over but it’s still fun as hell. 

02:15PMWe come off stage, try and cool off a little before we head straight over to our signing. 

02:50PMWe walk over to our merch tent and meet as many people as we can. We meet so many new fans on Warped, so many fans that haven’t seen the last time we played Warped in 2015 and fans that have travelled from different countries. It’s humid. It’s directly in the rain. But it’s always worth it to connect with fans. 

03:50PM - We are technically done for the day, but work doesn’t stop on Warped Tour. We go and get some lunch and chill out or watch some bands. Ironically the rain means it’s a much nicer temperature to stand and watch some bands. 

05:00PM - At the this point a couple of us will go out with pre-orders of our new record and try and let as many people know about The Great Depression as possible. Warped Tour is especially rewarding if you work hard. There really is no room for rockstar attitudes. 

06:00PM - From here on out the evening is what you make it. It changes everyday. Some days you just want to chill out, some days you want to watch bands, some days your out socialising on other peoples buses getting into all kinds of hilarious situations you just couldn’t write. Tonight I go and watch The Used and Mayday Parade and it reminds me how surreal it is to be on the last ever Warped Tour alongside bands we grew up listening to and being being inspired by. There’s a BBQ so we head over and watch a hundred people dance ecstatically to Soulja Boy. The unpredictable joys of Warped. 

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