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Rock Sound 3 June 2007 at 18.58

Where: Outhouse Studios, Reading
Recording: Second studio album
Producers: John Mitchell and Ben Humphreys (Enter Shikari, The Hurt Process)
Title: 'Ruin'
Label: United By Fate
Release Date: June 25

How are things going so far?
Dan Searle: We're just tracking guitars at the moment and we've done a bit of vocals, but it already sounds massive compared to our last album. At the moment we're really happy.

Why did you choose the title 'Ruin'?
It's down to the lyrics really. It's kind of a theme about the lyrics, about (vocalist Sam Cater's) own experiences. He thought that 'Ruin' would be a nice, appropriate name for it. There's kind of a theme running through the album, with stuff that he's been through recently – various personal things.

Lyrically, how does he compare to your old singer, Matt Johnson?
Matt's lyrics were far more impersonal than Sam's, little stories and stuff that he would come up with. Sam draws his lyrics from more personal experiences. It makes them a lot more passionate and I think people will find them a lot easier to relate to. They're more straightforward than random. We had six weeks of rehearsals before coming to the studio with Sam joining the band. He's had to work pretty fucking hard to get them all together, to be able to actually come and record, which we're grateful for.

Musically what can we expect?
It's a lot heavier and it's a lot darker-sounding than (debut album) 'Nightmares'. The last album had a lot of Dillinger Escape Plan comparisons, and this time I'd be shocked if we get any of those.

Is it still erratic-sounding?
Yeah, it's still technical and complicated and whatever, but there's just a bit more to it this time. It definitely doesn't sound like many other bands, especially over here in England, but like I say it's a difficult question to answer and it's just a matter of waiting for everyone to hear it. If you want to know how it sounds, go buy it (laughs).

'Nightmares' is less than a year old. Why the hurry to get a new record out?
A lot of British bands kind of seem happy to sit around and wait two, three years before releasing an album, and we just wanted to keep the momentum up. A lot of 'Nightmares' was written when we were still under 17. I think we've found our sound a lot more with this one. That was us learning the ropes. Being in a band at 16 years old is pretty young to be writing songs to be released on an album. Now we've had a lot more practice, we've rehearsed more and spent a lot more time on the writing. I think we found the way we want to go with our music this time. This album sounds a lot more like Architects as our own band.

And you've got Seldon Hunt (Isis, Neurosis) doing the artwork?
We're really up for working with him. We haven't actually seen what he's come up with yet; I think we're going to find out in the next couple of days. It's pretty exciting.

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