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Album Track By Track And Stream: Save Your Breath ‘Vices’

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 17 June 2011 at 14.00

Read about and listen to the new Save Your Breath record ‘Vices’. Friday treats!

Rock Sound is stoked to be streaming 'Vices', the new album from Save Your Breath ahead of its July 04 release date. Click on the player below to get listening and keep scrolling down to read the band's explanation of this solid record track by track!

01. Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy
"The opening track on the album carries the same title as our first EP. It’s not just a song about being in a band it’s more of a philosophy that has been rooted deeply in us by our parents from a young age. If you want something you have to work for it. The song is about the experience we have shared together on the road, writing, rehearsing and just being friends in our day to day lives. Things have never tended to go smoothly, but the experiences have made us a family in our own right and we will always be united by our memories and the bond that we’ve created through the positive and negative times."

02. Loud & Clear
"This song is very close to home to for us. Put simply it’s a song about drug abuse and the pitfalls that come with not listening to the people who really care about you. We’ve experienced first hand the effects of this and have had people close to us deal with real drug problems. That has had a huge impact on their lives and continues to do so. The problems we’ve seen tended to stem from false friendships and misguidance. In tough times it’s sometimes easier to listen to what you want to hear rather than the harder truth. Once you start down that road it’s difficult to pull yourself back from. These problems never really go away, they become everyday battles that can resurface at any time no matter how hard you fight against them."

03. The Lost Boys
"This song is a simple one, it’s about the way we seem to lose touch as we grow older. We take things too seriously and follow down 'pre-defined' paths set for us. Making your own choices in life rather than being influenced by others is often the best and most rewarding way to go. Some people might get lost along the way and other may turn their backs on you but the people you can count on will always be there."

04. Vices
"At some point everyone hits a wall, it’s a normal part of growing up. Some experiences make it harder to see a way back from certain points in your life, especially the first time you hit rock bottom. The determination to drive yourself on is usually the hardest thing to find when you’ve taken a hit. You have to try to pick yourself up and fight to make a positive change."

05. Stay Young
"Stay Young is about keeping things in perspective and, more importantly, being true to yourself. There’s nothing more disheartening than watching someone you care about change beyond recognition. It’s a difficult thing to see and is always made worse when people manipulate others, casting them aside for their own benefit."

06. Sweet Dreams, Bro
"Small towns breed small town mentalities. It’s frustrating to see people waste their lives away with no drive and ambition to do anything. Those who do the least seem to complain the most 'you’ve made your bed so live in it'."

07. Don’t Let Me Down
"At times some of us have had to deal with things similar to split personality disorders and bipolar disorder. Fighting your own insecurities and problems can be a massive mental strain and the amount of weight your mind carries dealing with these issues is difficult to manage. You put a lot of strain on yourself and it’s difficult to open up to other people about these issues, the more you hold back the harder it gets."

08. 10.08.04
"When you lose someone close to you it can throw up all sorts of questions in your head. This is a song about losing a parent, someone who guides you through life and is a role model to you and others as well. When something like this happens you have to use the experience positively. You’ll always reflect on it and wish it could have been different but the reality is that your life has changed forever. It’s up to you to try and be the best you can be and do what you think would’ve made that person proud."

09. Fake It Like You Mean It
"This is a song about people who aren’t true to themselves. Those that pick up on fashions, trends, movements...whatever they may be, and try to pass their actions off as genuine. You see people come and go, the same with fashions but whilst it can be frustrating to see there’s also a dose of sympathy involved. If you never believe in something, how can you really enjoy doing it?"

10. You’re A Rebel, Alright
"48 hour party people. The weekend culture around the UK can be depressing to witness. Over compensating for a lack of confidence and character, those that put up the biggest fronts are often the most insecure and dissatisfied among us. Wanting to be seen as something different to what you really are is never going to make you a better person, no amount of pretense will change that."

11. Transit
"Named after the model of our dearly missed and departed first van. The Ford Transit is a solid, reliable vehicle and can go with up to 200,000 miles on the clock. Unfortunately not all good things can last forever and we decided to let 'Marge' move on to less strenuous work in the hope that she may live to drive another day. A light hearted subject to end on because you can’t be serious all the time, whilst remembering what’s gone before, this is a nod towards new beginnings..."

Catch Save Your Breath on tour over the next week at the following venues, for more info head to

17 - NEWPORT Le Pub
19 - MANCHESTER Retro Bar
21 - LONDON Purple Turtle
22 - READING Face Bar
23 - BIRMINGHAM Flapper
25 - SCUNTHORPE The Brumby

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