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Album Track By Track And Stream: Dangerous!

Andrew Kelham
Andrew Kelham 13 September 2011 at 12.01

‘Teenage Rampage’, listen and learn people.

Listen to the debut album from Dangerous!, 'Teenage Rampage', out next week on Epitaph Records.

While you are doing that, read singer Tommy's track by track guide to the album complete with stories about wearing undies in sheds, post abortion depression and failed suicide attempts. Standard stuff right?

01. Not One Of You
"Never intended this to be the opener on the album but turned out it had the right attitude and tits to kick off Rampage. Perfect example of the sound we created spending hours in our D! warehouse in South Aus! I love that some vocals were recorded in LA and some were ripped out from the ORIGINAL demo. The first verse and closing lines were recorded with a beaten up microphone found on our warehouse floor AFTER it flooded in a storm. Literally recorded in a shed. I like when I hear it on the radio knowing that some parts were first takes with spontaneous lyrics recorded in my undies in a shed in SA!"

02. Movers N Shakers
"This was written years ago so it was tricky to get the original vibe on the record having played the song a million times over. But Ulrich our producer took us to another level and it came out heavier and louder!"

03. Slo-Mo Video
"The best purchase we made in LA on that trip that didn't disappear on a big night out was an interesting guitar pedal. This crazy dude in LA that makes his own. Nicky bought this weird looking thing and you can hear it on the verse of this song. It’s wet and slimey! Once again there are some cheeky vox extracted from our dirty little demos we recorded in South Australia. This time it’s the backing vocals in the bridge!"

04. Chasing The Girls
"With his headphones gaffa taped to his skull because he headbangs when he plays the drums, Jarrad changed the beat up at the last minute and the chorus opened right out and sounded huge! The keyboard melody in the chorus fucking rules and the vocals are the cleanest ones on the record. I remember tracking Vox with the hand held mic and jumping around and getting vibed like a live show. Not sure how Nicky made the guitars sound so crazy at the end but it sounds like feeding time at the zoo in hell in the outro riff. Chuck on your headphones for this one!"

05. Big Muff
"This song we wrote just before we left Australia to record. It was super fresh in the studio and I intentionally left the vocals open ended to catch some spontaneous and current studio vibes. It ended up being about this intensely crazy Bjork stalker who topped himself on YouTube. He attempted to shoot his brains out the back of his head onto a canvas that read "The Best Of ME". The bullet never passed through his skull and he dropped to the floor gurgling and gargling. The canvas was left empty."

06. Poppies
"The intro to Poppies was made up in the studio when we were tracking drums. We were recording guide guitars for Jarrad and were messing about with this and we kept it. Spontaneous shit is cool and makes for a good record."

07. Needle
"This was NOT a favorite in the studio to some people and was talked about not making the record. We tracked it anyway and it’s now our best song live!"

08. Nightmare
"There's some weird Mexican shit at the start of this track! We brought a Metal Zone pedal over from Australia and it was going crazy and picking up radio signals. We don't know what they're saying, maybe something about Burrito King!"

09. Leper
"We were never going to record this but re-structured it just before we left home. We basically just stripped it back and got to the point. Now it’s fucking bad ass. The break down riff is a headbanger. Between takes we would step out of Ulrich’s studio and smoke American cigarettes, eat high fructose candy and look at the smoggy Hollywood sign in the distance."

10. Ocean
"We recorded the intro to this at home after the record and sent it over during mastering. It introduces and sets the bridge up and now everyone sings it live. This song is about post abortion depression. I can’t wait to do the clip! I've never been pregnant. It will be like a Dangerous! version of that movie 'Junior' with Danny Daveets and Arnie!?!?"

11. Huzzy
"This is a super old song that has had a few different make-overs. The 'Teenage Rampage' version is easily the best. We used an EVH 5150 amp that Brett G from Epitaph lent us. He had it given to him by Eddie VH! We used it for most of the record but it sounds exceptionally fucking great on this intro! The bridge in this song is great too. I could play it forever but it only lasts eight bars or so. I remember sitting at home and looping the keys over and over and wrote the lyrics from that. It’s a little creepy but uplifting."

12. D! Or Die
"This was the very last song we wrote for the album. Finished it about a week before we shot off to LA to record. It’s our longest song! Three minutes or so. What an epic! Messed around with this a whole heap in the studio. Sweet way to end 'Teenage Rampage'."

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