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Album Premiere + Track-By-Track: Picturesque - ‘Back To Beautiful’

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 13 July 2017 at 16.55

The ultimate guide to this album.

Picturesque's first ever album is out this week via Equal Vision Records, and it's full to the brim with futuristic post-hardcore and huge choruses.

To celebrate, we're streaming the album a day early alongside an enthralling, tell-all track-by-track guide to all 12 songs by the band themselves.

So stick the album on...

...and dive into the track-by-track.

"This record encompasses our lives for the past three years. Events and emotions that changed us as people and made us who we are today can be heard throughout whether it be through instrumentation or lyrical. Listen to it and you'll know what we've been through because we wore our hearts on our sleeves for this one.

"From start to finish, 'Back To Beautiful' is us being brutally honest about our lives and us."

01. Fake Fiction
"This song is about my engagement ending. I felt like I never got a clear reason for the break off. I felt lied to. I used this as fuel to do something bigger than myself, and by that I mean making music." - Kyle

02. Monstrous Things
"'Monstrous Things' is about night terrors. I have had them for a while and I almost always wake up in a cold sweat. The dreams have different beginnings, but they always end the same. They're all about my ex, Emily. They all seem so real. We would act and exist just like we used to but at the end, she wasn't mine anymore. I always do everything I can to keep her and it's never enough.

"They kind of left me scared at first. My entire day would just be off. Like I couldn't shake it because it all just seemed so real. Now when I have them, I just write about it in the notes on my phone and try to put it behind me. But there are days where it still gets to me because I'm kinda disappointed in myself for still having those dreams."
- Kyle

03. New Face
"This song is written about a photo that Emily had by her bed. The photo was of the two of us. It was a very flattering moment when I first saw that. It was what she woke up to every morning. One day it dawned on me, it's probably her and the new fella she's with in that frame now. This song is about her replacing me." - Kyle

04. Speak Softly
"This song was our gateway into creating our new sound. We knew we wanted to do something different, just took a while figuring out how. All of us (Kyle, Dylan, Zach, Jordan) had a small part in writing this song, and it was re-written several times before we felt like we found our new sound. It also took us about a year to complete this one, if not longer.

"We constantly had small things to change to define this "new" sound of ours, but, when we finally finished this song, it became MUCH easier to write. We knew what we wanted and I had sorta figured out my own style of playing in writing this song. This is the song that had defined our sound!  So, from there on, I was able to mostly write the instrumentals you hear in our songs today!"
- Dylan

05. Just Exist
"'Just Exist' is a Frankenstein of a bunch of pre production. But the meaning of the song is usually misconstrued. A lot of people think it's about pushing on after a relationship or pushing forward in hard times, but it's not. It's actually a really cruel song.

"This is another song about the end of our engagement. The last year she just wanted to hang out at home with her parents and never wanted to do anything to spend time together. She was going to sit at home and not do anything to make an impact in life. This made me feel like she stopped caring and that the love was gone or maybe it never existed. Her complacency drove me crazy."
- Kyle

06. Believe
"This track is about being a little different and having to cope with the fact that really no matter who you are, you face judgement from everyone around you.

"Being an artist and having to put so much of yourself out there is one of the scariest things we have had to learn to do. This song is about releasing those fears and feeling free to be yourself."
- Zach

07. Honestly
"'Honestly' is about me growing up in a destructive household. My biological mother and myself were living with a drug dealer. They would have parties at the house and drag me to other parties at a very young age. I watched as all of these people got drunk and high, just straight out of their minds, because I had no where else I could go.

"I was taken away from that home. I moved in with my father and his new wife who is now my legal mother. She is a wonderful person and raised me as her own. This song tells part one. I'll tackle some more of this story on the next record."
- Kyle

08. Who We Are
"Just like in any relationship early on in life, sometimes insecurities get the best of people. Friends of the opposite gender can cause people to question intentions even when they're pure.

"Even some simple common courtesy has started arguments. Jealousy will get the best of someone and you have to remind and reassure your significant other that you're in it for the long haul. I won't isolate it to one happens."
- Kyle

09. Waiting
"The meaning of 'Waiting' is actually opposite of what the title insinuates. As I've stated, I don't feel like I ever received a clear answer for the break up.

"I thought maybe, that meant things would turn around and Emily would come back. This song is about the realization that nothing's going to change. What's done is done. It was my fault and I'm tired of waiting for an answer, so I'm moving on."
- Kyle

10. One of Us
"'One of Us' was mostly written before the band was Picturesque and while we all lived in Arkansas. I (Jordan) was playing guitar back then and we had all been discussing the new route we wanted to take our music to. This song and 'Speak Softly' is what we came up with. Since this was the first song I contributed to in the writing process, the audio file was saved as, "Jordan is a bitch and we hate him so much".

"A few months later is where I originally left due to issues at home, and the band moved on without me. After that, from what I understand the title of the saved file is what led this song to be about me. Kyle laid it all on the table and put his emotions about the situation into a raw form.

"Now fast forward a few years, after a twist of events I am back in the band and get roasted daily because of this song. The lesson here for me was that I made my best friends mad enough to write a song about me but they never stopped being there for me when I needed them and still have faith in me. No matter what, we are all family here."
 - Jordan

11. Without You
"This was an emotional song to write. It's about the inevitability of losing those close to you, specifically your parents. It begs the question, ‘What if I can't live on after such a loss?’ as well as questions the "master plan" of God.

"It's really just a love song to our parents while they are still here. They have supported us through this journey. Through the highs and the lows. To our parents: Thank you, for everything. We love you."

12. Unannounced
"When we tracked this song, I was almost in tears. I was trembling. I couldn't contain myself. It takes me back to the night that Emily broke off our engagement.

"I was frantic. I didn't know what to do with myself. I drove eleven hours straight from Houston to Northeast Arkansas because I wanted to hear her say it all in person and not over a text. I only saw her for maybe five minutes. I could tell that she made up her mind and it was for good."
- Kyle

The band are on tour with The Color MoraleThe Plot In You and Dayseeker right now, too!


13 - LAKEWOOD Foundry
14 - IOWA CITY Gabe's
16 - GRAND RAPIDS The Stache
18 - ROCHESTER California Brew Haus
19 - NEW YORK Webster Hall Studio
20 - WORCESTER Palladium
21 - PHILADELPHIA Voltage Lounge
22 - PITTSBURGH Rex Theater
23 - COLUMBUS Park Street Saloon

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