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Against The Current Took Over Our Instagram Account Yesterday. Here’s What We Learned About Them.

Chris Chandler
Chris Chandler 16 February 2015 at 15.49

We gave pop-rock newcomers Against The Current the keys to our Instagram account yesterday while they set about shooting their new music video. Here's what happened.

1. Vocalist Chrissy Costanza has some incredible beard game.

That's better than every beard in the RS office combined :(

2. Pizza techs actually exist and Against The Current have one.


Minimizing grease spills one pizza tech at a time. Who's psyched to see the video for Paralyzed?!

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

Applications are now open for the position of resident pizza tech at Rock Sound towers. No, not really.

3.  Their upcoming video for 'Paralyzed' is going to look awesome. Just look at that room.

"Do we have enough lightbulbs, guys? I dont think we have enough lightbulbs..." 

4. Sometimes Will Ferri needs to be reminded that he can't eat the drumsticks.


In his spare time, he's employed at Sea World as a Walrus.

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

Also, that man is far too close to the camera. Back it up, fella.

5. Guitarist Daniel Gow is unintentionally more attractive than you. 


I promise he didn't pose for this, he really just is this handsome.

A photo posted by rocksound (@rocksound) on

Damn him. With his youth. And his face.

So that's what we learned. If you want to see more of this sort of thing, let us know on Twitter / Facebook / by email who we should next let take over our Instagram.

If you want to get your teeth into Against The Current some more, make sure to pick up your issue of Rock Sound 197 right now. They have a big ol' page in our Exposure section (here's a little sneak peek of what that's all about here). You can download the issue right now, order a copy straight to your door (we ship worldwide!) or you can pick it up in all good UK stores. 

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