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A Track-By-Track Guide To Betraying The Martyrs’ New Album

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 27 January 2017 at 13.00

Dive in.

Metal-mosh-post-hardcore-metalcore types Betraying The Martyrs release their new album 'The Resilient' TODAY via Sumerian Records, so we teamed up with vocalist Aaron Matts to find out what it all means.

Plug in some headphones, have a chair mosh and scroll down to read Aaron's emotional, revealing words.

"This song is written from the basis of the Charlie Hebdo attacks, but focuses on the general subject of freedom of speech, and the consequences that have been know to follow; Lost For Words describes both the loss of freedom to speak, and also the shock in relation to recent terrorist attacks here in France, and what has been hitting home too with the American public in relation to their political correctness movement and suppression of free speech rights."

"This song was written as a way for me to talk out loud about the stage of depression that I went through following bad decisions made due to drugs and a negative mind frame, this period of my life almost lost me the band and my friends but I was able to seek help and look at myself and where my life was going, and turn it all around thanks to my peers. This song was hard for me to talk about but each time I listen it makes me grateful to have not fallen too deep to get back up again."

"This track speaks from the perspective of a refugee who has left war filled life to seek refuge with a promise of a better life, only to be faced with hostility and more hate. We've seen it on our coastlines but do we really understand?"

"This song is about the beauty that the world has to offer, and about people who have become trapped in a work cycle that leaves them "unable" to make the most of their lives. This song focuses once again on the subject of people being sucked up into superficiality that clouds them from making the most of what is really before their eyes."

"Being the title track of the album, The Resilient speaks of our band's ability to bounce back from any setback thrown our way. We have come back each time, we cut our losses and with this record and at this point in our lives both personally and as a whole, we are better than we have ever been - we're back stronger than ever before!"

"This is my personal favourite track on the album, it speaks for those living on the edge of society, how those that don't quite meet to the criteria - whether it be racially, or in terms of the papers they possess, and the lists on which their names can be found. It's about how we need to respect each person no matter what their social status, and a big fuck you to the government and those who enforce this human divide."

"This track was written directly for, and was released on the year anniversary of the Paris Bataclan attacks as a homage to those affected by this terrible tragedy. May we never forget them."

"This song speaks about the lack of communication within the current generation, with attention being brought towards superficiality and deterioration of true human contact through over use of social media and electronics. Although we're all guilty ourselves, it has become almost the very fabric of what it means to be in the public eye and self promoting, it's still pretty ridiculous."

"Behind The Glass is a metaphor for the Western world and the bubble in which we are trapped in, in order to be sheltered from the horrors that lay within the destruction of our own planet through extreme excess of consumption, and the pain that exists throughout second and third world countries. We need to bring down the wall that the media and our governments try so hard to keep up."

"This track I wrote to inspire people to do as they please and to work towards their own goals, regardless of what others say; this is a message to those who have opinions on what I'm doing with my life whilst they waste theirs doing nothing productive at all for themselves."

"This song was written for a member of the band and his problems with negligent family members, this is a pretty personal track for this person in particular but was easy for me to write to having had very little contact and family issues myself, this track helped get a lot of anger out and we hope that people can find positivity in this dark track."

"This is our song. Wide Awake was written about the hard work that we as a band have endured to keep this dream alive. We have been through ups and downs but will always be on the road burning our tyres to the ground to play for our fans no matter where in the world they may be!"

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