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A Letter To My Younger Self, Rody Walker

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 31 January 2014 at 12.17

Rody Walker from Protest The Hero pens a note to the man he used to be in our long running ‘Letter To My Younger Self’ series.


Dear beautiful, blonde, sweet, young Choady.

Future Cheese here, it's January 15th 2014. I'm in a cramped hotel room in Belgium with five other stinky dudes. I've just finished reading a few examples of people writing to their younger selves on the Rock Sound website, they weren't funny at all, don't bother reading them they'll just make this whole task seem trivial.

I can't give you any career advice due to a few non-disclosure agreements. Also I'm not qualified to give any life advice, even if it's just in a hypothetical scenario.

It's going well though, my life is fuckin' fun. I've got a dog, and a lady, and some drinkin’ buddies.

Here's a good one, consider getting a physical! I've still never had one, who knows what kind of shit could be going on in there. Also don't worry about the slight discolouring occurring on your testicles. Remember when Luke wedgied your underwear off? Yea well it was a catalyst for a little disease called vitiligo, it's harmless and pretty funny. Don't be mad at Luke for causing it, he eventually develops it too.

That's it man, nothing too terrible happens but nothing overly amazing happens either. Ride the wave of mediocrity into middle age, just keep drinking and never quit.

Protest The Hero's new album 'Volition' is out now, go have a look at Rody's testicles at any of the following shows next month:

01 - BRIGHTON Concorde II
02 - BIRMINGHAM Academy II
04 - SHEFFIELD Corporation
05 - GLASGOW Classic Grand
06 - MANCHESTER Academy II
07 - LONDON Electric Ballroom

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