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A Letter To My Younger Self, Kyle Fasel

Andy Ritchie
Andy Ritchie 17 February 2015 at 12.58

The Real Friends lyricist / bassist pens a letter to the boy he used to be.

Kyle (far left) with Real Friends


I want to give you some good news about those girls' pants you are wearing. One day they are going to make 'skinny jeans' for dudes! Then you won’t have to wear those girls' jeans anymore. It will be so much easier to go shopping for pants. Future you is stoked for you on that. And just take off that yellow V-neck shirt. It’s not cool, man. It looks really dumb. Those black Vans on your feet though? Those will always be there.

I know you probably ditched high school today, too. Well believe it or not you’re still going to graduate. So just keep on ditching school. You will end up ditching half of your senior year. I know hanging out at the mall instead of going to school is really fun but it will make your Mom sad. Especially when you tell her how much school you ditched years later at a family party. She will tell you how disappointed she is in you. You won’t really care though.

But on a serious note, you’re an alright dude. Keep moving forward with music. It will treat you decently one day. I know that it is the only thing that makes you feel in place. Keep following that passion and dream. Oh yeah and you don’t have any kids at age 26, either! So be stoked on that!



Real Friends are back in the UK in March for a couple of headline shows and an appearance at Wembley Arena alongside All Time Low and Neck Deep:

19 - MANCHESTER Sound Control
20 - LONDON Wembley Arena (with All Time Low & Neck Deep)
21 - BIRMINGHAM Asylum
22 - LONDON Underworld

The Illinois pop-punks are also set to release / stream a documentary this Thursday over at

You can watch the full thing live at 7pm CST on Thursday, February 19 (so that's 1am on Friday, February 20 GMT).

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