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A Letter To My Younger Self, Devildriver’s Dez Fafara

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 September 2013 at 15.42

The Devildriver frontman pens a note to the man he used to be. 


It's September 2nd, 2013 for me today. Listen. I need you to listen very carefully to what I am about to say to you right now, young Dez. I'm older, wiser, but you'll get here...

You're going to be a musician, just like you've planned since you were five years old, getting into your parents record collection, but there will be some serious bumps along the way. Pitfalls and people that will try to end that dream, or pull you down their own dark path. Don't follow them. ALWAYS LEAD! Make good choices in the friends and company you keep, and persevere.

Along the way you'll meet a wonderful woman by the name of Anahstasia. She will enter your life just as its completely spinning out of control. Your first band (yes, your first band...don't worry, there will be a second one!) after a Gold-certified record, will be on the verge of breaking up right as you're about to record a new album with them. You will be living in a hotel in Beverly Hills, no home, throwing parties for people you don't know and you will have a serious pill and alcohol problem after years of touring the world.

Anahstasia will put an end to this one night by looking around your hotel room at 20 or more people and asking everyone out loud "who's known Dez for more than a month?" No one will respond and she will kick everyone out of your hotel room that night. Know that you're going to be pissed off, but sit down and listen carefully to what she has to say to you, because it will save your life, your career and it will nab you up a beautiful wife! Yes, I said wife. You marry her and raise children with her so hang on through the rough times. She will want to move you to Santa Barbara and you won't want to move, but listen to me; YOU MUST, as that's where you form your second band, so just shut up, pack and go with it! Next, always do your own thing, listen to your heart, don't be afraid of the future. Don't be afraid to cut friends or musicians out of your life in order to get to a better place. Change is good!

Along the way you'll have trials and tribulations, but also a hell of a good time. You'll meet most of your heroes and end up working with or alongside some of them, you'll travel the world and it will open your eyes to other cultures and ways of life.

Feel lucky everyday to be alive! Never bring your business home with you. Make family a priority as this will drive you to succeed! Keep music and your family in your heart, as this will get you through to where I am right, now writing this to you.

The last thing I will say to you, young Dez you have a light within you. Let it shine!

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