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A Letter To My Younger Self, By Trivium’s Matt Heafy

Matt Heafy
Matt Heafy 7 December 2016 at 18.34

In the week his band re-release their debut album 'Ember To Inferno', Trivium's Matt Heafy pens a letter to the 16-year-old kid who recorded that album.


"It's yourself from the future here. You're about to embark on that journey you signed yourself up for back when you were 12 years old. Remember when you pointed at the TV during Metallica's Binge and Purge Seattle VHS? Well, you're still on the path; not quite there yet, but you're on the path.

"There are obstacles upon obstacles, sacrifices that will be necessary to make, and endless hard work that you will need to undertake. You will fuck up, you will let yourself and those around you down - but you know what? You need it. It's what will make you who you need to be to take this dream on.

"You're going to say some bold shit in the press that's going to piss some folks off; but do you know what? Say that shit. Be confident and unapologetic. But you better be able to back that confidence up with nonstop self practice, band practice, and the will to be the best at your craft as possible.

"As I mentioned, there will be turbulence - and I'm not going to spoil those for you; experiencing that is what will help you become who you are. But two tips that you need to start now: start taking vocal lessons now; for refining your brutal screaming, and your singing. Ron Anderson is who you need to train with; trust us, we've tried the others already. Second. Start Brazilian Jiu Jitsu now; it has made us a better performer, player, and person. Find Gustavo Muggiati, he will be your sensei (aka Professor in the BJJ world).

"So young whipper-snapper, strap up and enjoy the ride. The good, the bad, and the ugly is going to fuel your creativity; work your ass off, be confident, and be unafraid.

Now show the world what's up,
- MKH."

'Ember To Inferno: Ab Initio' is out now via Cooking Vinyl, and Trivium hit the UK in February.


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