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A Letter To My Younger Self, By Sorority Noise’s Cam Boucher

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Rock Sound 5 October 2016 at 16.37

The Sorority Noise frontman (second left) pens a letter to the boy he used to be.

Dear Cam from 2010,

First things first, people are about to make fun of you for the purple zebra print skinny jeans you begged your mom to get for christmas. Fuck those people. Keep doing you and above all don't listen to what other people think of you.

Dude, It's 2016. Donald Trump is going to be the president and you're in San Antonio on tour with Bayside, Ickes is on tour with you and for some reason Charlie is still playing drums in your band. I know you're probably really into Motion City Soundtrack right now and guess what, you tour with them and they are some of the most incredible people you've met! Fuck! You're also probably going to get spicy chicken crisps at Burger King with Sean, tell him he is an important fixture in your life, it's not weird, after a while you're going to realize that it's better to speak the way you feel than try and be cool. You're also going to go vegan so, no more spicy chicken crisps (I'm pretty sure they're off the menu now anyway).

You're going to go to college for music. I'm telling you this now because I know you're having doubts. People around you want to find a real stable career but as long as you keep your focus and follow your passion like a white light, it's going to be okay. Pursue your dreams with an undying energy. When no one believes in you, try harder. When you don't feel worthwhile, push harder. When people tell you to give up, don't.

Lastly I wanted you to know that in two years you're going to see a therapist and she's going to tell you that you have manic depression. It's okay. All the thoughts you're having, the ones about dying and how the world would be a better place without you are all so unbelievably important. The things you're feeling, it's not your fault and you're not the only one experiencing it. It's going to take three more years to learn this but I assure you that you have a life worth living. You need to tell your friends this though, you're going to lose some more of them like you lost Andrew in eighth grade but it's important to remember that your life is a continuation of theirs lost and it's imperative that you never lose sight of your dreams even in the wake of tragedy. I'm so proud of you for making it so far but I'm here to tell you it doesn't get better. These feelings, they're not going to cease. You will however get stronger and be able to control them because you have a life worth living. It's kinda like in the fifth Harry Potter book he has to go to Snape to learn how to stop from sharing Voldemort's thoughts and block him out of his head. You're going to learn to do that with manic episodes and though it may not always work, you're going to continue to learn new ways to deal with your head the best you can, I assure you.

Love you dude,


P.S. You don't know your friends Julien and Brendan yet but they're going to be some of the most important in your life. When you meet them, you will know who i'm talking about. They're going to inspire you and push you to live a better life each day.


Sorority Noise are on tour in the UK right now!


05 - GLASGOW Hug & Pint
06 - MANCHESTER Deaf Institute
07 - NOTTINGHAM Bodega
08 - LEEDS Key Club
09 - BIRMINGHAM Hare & Hounds
10- NORWICH Epic Studios
11 - CAMBRIDGE Portland Arms
13 - BRISTOL Exchange
14 - BRIGHTON Sticky Mike's Frog Bar
16 - MILTON KEYNES Craufurd Arms
17 - LONDON Dingwalls

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