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A Letter To My Younger Self, By Justin Sane - Part 1

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 19 May 2015 at 16.53

This is... extensive.

Justin Sane (second right) with Anti-Flag

Ahead of the release of his band's new album, Anti-Flag man Justin Sane has penned a great big letter to the kid he used to be. Dig into part one.

"Alright man. Stay calm. I’ve got something to tell you and it is going to come as a bit of a shock, but here goes… I’m you!

Yes, I’m future you! Still loving punk rock and playing in a political punk band as you / we had envisioned, just many many years in the future.

I realize that you’ll have a hard time believing what I’m saying to you so I’m going to tell you some things that only we would know to help convince you that I’m you! Here goes…  

In first grade, your sister Lucy took you to the local punk rock house for your first guitar lesson. Your teacher was Karl Mullen of the band Car Sickness. Like your father, he was from Ireland. Karl taught you A, G, and D and while you didn’t realize it, he was drunk.
Lesson: Bravely tread new territory and roll with the punches.

Many years later, after a bad night, you smashed the acoustic guitar on which you first learned to play. That left you feeling guilty because your adoring sister Lucy bought you that guitar and she was very poor.
Lesson: Check your temper and think of others before yourself.

Your dog's name was Murphy and your rabbit’s name was The Bunny.
Lesson: Work harder on the rabbit’s name.

There, that should do it. Believe me now? Good.

Now that you know I’m you - or you’re me - whatever… Let’s get to some practical shit to help you with the rest of your life:
You love music, specifically punk rock.

You are political, it’s in your blood.

Good news, you’re on the right path! You have found your passions so follow them. When your high school teachers tell you that you shouldn’t spend so much time learning guitar leads or reading the Dead Kennedy's album insert, just ignore them. You think they don’t understand you and guess what? You’re right!

'Different' is good. Being yourself is great! Be respectful of others who are respectful of you, stay brave and be yourself. You’re going to travel the world! You’re going to see and do amazing things! Your accomplishments will far outpace those of the people who try to control you and tell you that one day you’ll grow out of your “punk phase”. The idiotic jocks and conformist chicken shits in high school who fucked with you for being “different” don’t have an ounce of the creativity, conviction or courage that you possess. They will never be sought out to partner with Amnesty International, Greenpeace, PETA, Rain Forest Action Network, and countless other world-changing organizations. Their names will not be referenced as a vehicle of change on the floor of the United States Congress, they will never stand on the steps of the Capital in Washington with law makers in a joint press conference to fight against immoral legislation, they won’t start Military Free Zone to combat predatory military recruitment of kids in schools. They will be victims of their own apathy, bigotry, and small mindedness. They can’t touch your future accomplishments, so fuck them."

Into that? The second part of the letter is coming next week.

The band just premiered their video for 'Brandenburg Gate', which features Tim Armstrong.

The track is taken from the band's new album 'American Spring', which is out on May 25 via Spinefarm.

You can catch Anti-Flag live in a couple of months, too.


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