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A Letter To My Younger Self, Aaron Bedard (Bane)

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 2 May 2014 at 16.38

The Bane vocalist pens a letter to the man he used to be.
Bane’s final album ‘Don’t Wait Up’ is released May 12 in the UK through End Hit Records.


Not sure how they are going to get this to you, but they assured me they could so I figured, fuck it, I'm gonna give this a shot.

I know right where you're at with life right now. I remember it so clearly, 16 and mad at the world. In love with only music and skateboards and sneakers and stage-dives and hanging out with your friends for as long as the night will allow. I know how all of those beautiful things make you feel untouchable.

Believe it or not I'm writing this in an attempt to make an argument for the opposite being true. Not sure how convincing I'm going to be able to be.

Still, I'm asking you to stop and listen for a moment while I offer you a alternate viewpoint, that is based solely on how well I know and understand the subject of you, the way things work inside that head of yours.
You have some abilities that are rare and actually pretty special, you don't see it right now, you think it's the way everyone's mind works, but I promise you it is not.

Think about the way you happily play devil's advocate in nearly any situation. How you're able to see both sides vividly. The way you can take nearly any thought or emotion and find the perfect words to articulate them quickly and clearly. For as long as you can remember, right?

No one around you is paying enough attention to see how well you can do these things. How sharp your mind is. No one is there to tell you of all of the things in this world that you can have and accomplish if you focus and apply yourself.

As you continue to grow you're gong to become more and more fascinated with words. How they work, the power that they hold. You will start to see them as tools, keys that open doors, weapons, razor sharp. You will rush into arguments with confidence, have the ability to talk yourself into and out of nearly any situation. The words will just leap from your brain and you will notice how much people like to listen. I need to tell you again: This is a gift. It sets you apart.

I'm writing with the hope that maybe you will stop, look at things, and decide to do more with what you've been given, Someone needs to tell you that you can accomplish more than you believe or even want to hear about right now. I know you don't like hard work or being told what to do.

I know the road that you're walking on, proud, with your fist in the air. That you reject the entire system. Have a bitterness running through your veins. That you would rather see it all burn to the ground than play their game. I remember. I get it. I do.

But it breaks my heart to see you chose, what may be a life filled with struggle, worry and barely scraping by, when there are people who share the same talents that you have, and are given everything that this world has to offer.

They are no smarter, more capable or imaginative than you are. They simply had a little push, and went through a different door. Learned to sharpen the parts of their brains that keep them ahead of the masses. Obediently fell in line when they were supposed to. Timing is everything in this life. You will see.

It's like an initiation. They went to school, and paid attention, read the right books, nodded their heads, kissed the right asses and the doors just kept opening for them. They come out the other side and find that they are the chosen few. Those who are given the keys to the kingdom. Who make the rules, and pull the strings and sail the world, counting their money while the rest of the world rushed about to do their bidding. I'm not saying life becomes easy from there on out, but I will say that the rich and powerful get to take a more interesting ride than the rest of us.

Life is quick. The decisions you are making right now are so important, and it's not too late for you.

You are brighter than you realize.

But I know you, better than I know anyone. As stubborn as they come. I'm fairly sure I know exactly the path you will choose. That you can't help but see nobility in all that struggle and defiance. That even if I tell you it may never end for you, you won't flinch.

Only now, as you go through life and have those quiet, tortured moments, wondering if it's all been worth it, if things could have turned out different, you will remember this letter and can't say you weren't told.

Good luck either way,

PS: Hug your mother and father more. Treat them better. You think they're going to always be there and you'll have them forever, but you won't.

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