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9 Bands And Their First Music Videos - A Retrospective

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 13 June 2018 at 12.33

As All Time Low so eloquently put it "before you ask which way to go, remember where you've been".

All of our favourite bands got their start somewhere. While they're now making cinematic masterpieces, it may not have always been this way. But there's something so charming in where they started out. 

To honour the growth and development of some of our favourite bands, we're taking a look at their first music videos, and their most recent. 

01. All Time Low 'Circles' - 2007

There's a lot of fringe in this one. Basically, it's everything about All Time Low in the 00s that we loved. This video is so charming in how rough around the edges it is. As far as starts go, All Time Low was off to a flyer.

'Afterglow' - 2018
  Their most recent video for 'Afterglow' though is so high quality it should probably be screened in movie theatres. This one was filmed at their massive headliner at London's Alexandra Palace, and is a testament to their growth in to one of the biggest bands in our world. 

02. Bring Me The Horizon 'Traitors Never Play Hangman' - 2007
It's hard to remember a time when Bring Me The Horizon weren't selling out multiple back to back shows at London's O2 Arena, but this video serves as a reminder that they once played smaller rooms. Can you even imagine what it must be like to be at a Bring Me The Horizon headliner at London's Underworld? MAYHEM.

'Oh No' - 2016
  More like OH YES. This video has everything, including a plot and narrative. It features the band, a recording studio, a hostage and a trumpet-playing baby. Basically, everything you could want in a music video and more. It's a masterpiece.

03. Neck Deep 'A Part Of Me' Ft. Laura Whiteside - 2012
Neck Deep burst on to the scene and on to our screens back in 2012 with what is still one of their most iconic songs. It's a banger. And the video is beautiful in its simplicity.

'Don't Wait' Ft. Sam Carter - 2018
  Neck Deep's latest includes another feature, but is far more intense. 

04. Fall Out Boy 'Dead On Arrival' - 2003
   Are you seeing how young the (fall out) boys are in this? BABIES. This 'day in the life'-style video is such a charming insight in to life on the road with Fall Out Boy back in the early days. 

'Church' - 2018
  The latest though from Fall Out Boy feels almost Baz Luhrmann-esque, and shot like a feature film. It's a cinematic masterpiece.

05. As It Is 'Upswing' - 2013
  We love a live video. We love a live video, shot in black and white. This is ticking a lot of boxes for us.

'The Wounded World' - 2018
  Five years on from their first video, As It Is have unleashed 'The Wounded World' on us as the first look at their new era. Gone is the black and white, but hello to black white and RED. 

06. Waterparks 'Silver' - 2011
  If nothing else, this video serves as a reminder that Awsten hasn't always had bright coloured hair? Waterparks have always done a bloody good job of their music videos, haven't they?

'Not Warriors / Crybaby' - 2018
  Waterparks' latest though is a more colourful affair (and we aren't just talking about Awsten's hair).

07. My Chemical Romance 'Vampires Will Never Hurt You' - 2002
   You can see the band's proclivity for concept albums even from the very outset. This gem is 16 years old now, and while the video is rough around the edges, it has CHARM.

'The Kids From Yesterday' - 2012
   Yeah, sorry to make you feel all those emotions. (Hard to belive we didn't call the break up off the back of this video, but we digress).

08. PVRIS 'St Patrick' - 2013
  Right from the outset, PVRIS have had a flair for beautiful videos. 'St Patrick' is absolutely a testament to that fact.

'Anyone Else' - 2017
  Just as cinematic, just as beautiful. But now in monochrome. Classy and tasteful, and pretty damn amazing.

09. Blink-182 'M+M's' - 1995
   Look at the baby-faced Mark Hoppus here. Just LOOK. This is another rough around the edges gem, but any roughness is immediately forgiven because it's literally 23 years old. 

'Home Is Such A Lonely Place' - 2017
  This is so heartwarming. It's just a super sweet video. They've gone from scrappy young pop-punks, to family men. This feels like the best note to leave this list on. 

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