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8 Reasons Why Palaye Royale Are Unlike Any Other Band

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 12 November 2019 at 12.03

Go inside the world of the latest Rock Sound coverstars.


Palaye Royale afre back on the cover of Rock Sound this month, with the world exclusive story behind their brand new album 'The Bastards'. But 'The Bastards' is more than just a new album - it's a new era, a new look, and a new attempt at world domination. Pick up world exclusived Palaye Royale bundles and fan packs right now from SHOP.ROCKSOUND.TV

Here are eight reasos why Rock Sound coverstars Palaye Royale are unlike any other band:

01. They’re out of step with everyone else…
…And that’s a good thing. As the lines between pop and alternative music continue to erode, there’s something refreshing about an out and out rock ‘n’ roll band who refuse to just drift with the tide. Yet at the same time, they incorporate influences from across the musical spectrum – as their big, bold, bombastic new single ‘Hang On To Yourself’ shows.

02. This is all about family
Well, yeah, they’re brothers. But beyond the obvious, Remington, Sebastian and Emerson are at the heart of a unique, diverse fan culture. From grassroots Palaye In The Park events across the globe, to the sheer amount of art and creativity they showcase every single day, the Soldiers Of The Royal Council are a true force to be reckoned with. Everyone has everyone else’s backs, and that’s the way it should be.

03. They’re ambitious. Really ambitious.
In their first Rock Sound cover feature, Palaye told us about their huge plans for the future: featuring everything from a travelling circus to an academy to inspire a new generation of artists. Yet when they aim high, they actually set about making their grand plans a reality - something we’ll no doubt see more from during their new album cycle.

04. They’re always evolving
It’s not uncommon, and totally understandable, for bands to find their niche and then set about owning it for the foreseeable future. But that’s not really Palaye’s style – they’re too creatively restless for that, and it’s all for the better. So when it comes to their new album, ‘The Bastards’ they’re changing a whole bunch of things up, from the overall aesthetic to the concept, and even their collective persona…

05. They’re at home onstage
In an era where you can polish and edit songs to within an inch of their lives, and many live shows are synced up to an elaborate audiovisual production, Palaye’s ‘get on stage and fuck shit up’ approach stands out like a sore thumb. It’s not about gimmicks or sounding immaculate, but actually giving people a real, memorable experience, and connecting with their fans. Whether that’s in a tiny, sweat-drenched room or an arena? Same deal.

06. It’s bigger than music
Beyond the albums and shows, Palaye’s vision extends to a variety of different media - from graphic novels and art pieces right through to videos and bespoke clothing. They’re not just in the business of making music: they’re creating their own worlds.

07. They keep people guessing
It’s 2019, so instant gratification is the name of the game. Even so, though, Palaye tend to let their plans unfold when the time is right – whether that’s songs, concepts or cryptic videos. Emerson has even given fans hints of what’s to come in the forms of intricate codes and puzzles.

08. They’re The Bastards…
…And the next year is about to get real interesting.

Get the world exclusive story of Palaye Royale's new era right now inside this month's issue of Rock Sound:

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