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9 Albums That Soundtracked The Creation Of Rock Sound 191

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 27 August 2014 at 13.55

One of the perks of working at Rock Sound is the sheer volume of new music we get to listen to every month. It really is a dream. And in every issue, the RS staff pick their Decks Of Death so you know what's actually been spinning on the office stereo. Here's what we were jamming while making the latest issue of the mag!

THE ALBUM: Lower Than Atlantis 'Lower Than Atlantis'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "I never really thought that much of Lower Than Atlantis before this record," says our Editor Ryan Bird. "To me they were a band I loved the idea of, but musically I only ever found them 'alright'. This album definitely changed that, an I'd be surprised if they're not headlining huge venues in the next 12-18 months. If these songs get on the radio, it's game over for everybody else."
DETAILS: It's coming out September 29 through Sony Red. Have a watch of their new video for 'English Kids In America' below, and get all the info on the album at this link

THE ALBUM: Rob Lynch 'All These Nights In Bars Will Somehow Save My Soul'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "There are a lot of frauds out there hocking their wares as pseudo soulful singer-songwriters," says Deputy Editor David McLaughlin. "Glorified buskers, basically. But Rob is the real deal and a good egg, to boot. Because there’s honesty in the words and performance of his songs that just can’t be faked. Right, that’s lunch…"
DETAILS: It's coming out September 22 through Xtra Mile Recordings. Get a taste of it with the video for 'Whiskey'.

THE ALBUM: Lights 'Little Machines'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "Lights has really started to forge her own identity with 'Little Machines'," says Digital Editor Andy Ritchie, "and while it might not provoke an office full of fists-pumps or throwdowns, her unique brand of synth-pop is perfect fodder for when you need a quiter moment away from it all. She's more than just a pop artist, and her ability to craft melodies that lodge in your head atop shimmering soundscapes that don't always play by the book really comes to the fore on 'Little Machines'. Don't write her off for the 'pop' tag alone - you're doing your ears and soul a serious disservice."
DETAILS: 'Little Machines' is coming out on September 22 through Warner Bros. Have a listen of 'Portal' below, or 'Here We Go' (not an LTA cover, FYI) at this link.

THE ALBUM: Real Friends 'Maybe This Place Is The Same And We're Just Changing'
WHY WE LIKE IT: “‘Maybe This Place Is The Same...’ wasn’t an instant hit for me," comments Digital Editor Andy Ritchie, "but when it clicked, it clicked; I pretty much listen to it twice a day now. Dan Lambton reminds me of The Wonder Years’ Soupy in his youth, and while it’s not the most inventive album lyrically, it’s full of angst-ridden fist-in-the-air anthems, and we all need a bit of that in deadline week.”
LISTEN: It's out now through Fearless Records. Give it a spin using the Deezer player below!

THE ALBUM: Hostage Calm 'Die On Stage'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "What do you do when your band can't settle on a sound?" asks Reviews Editor Andy Biddulph. "If you're Hostage Calm, you bung it all on one album and somehow make it stick. These Connecticut dudes have combined their pure post-hardcore and sludge punk of old with good old-fashioned, Roaring Twenties America and grown-up pop-punk on their third album, and it's a consistently dynamic - and fun - listen."
DETAILS: 'Die On Stage' is out September 16 through Run For Cover. You can watch the video for 'Your Head / Your Heart' below!

THE ALBUM: A Day To Remember 'Homesick'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "Since the first time I listened to it, 'Homesick' has been, and will always be, one of my top feel-good albums," says designer Dominique Marshall. "I've got a ton of awesome memories associated with it, every single song is an absolute banger and it’s safe to say that my love for A Day To Remember grew by a million percent thanks to this album!"
DETAILS: It's out now on Victory (and has been for years, obvs). Stream it in full with the Deezer player below.

THE ALBUM: The Color Morale 'Hold On Pain Ends'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "As pretty much anybody who knows me will confirm, nothing makes me quite as happy as a great big bag of feelings," says Editorial Assistant Jess Johnson, "so this album was always going to be right up my street. Garrett Rapp's vocals are as passionate as ever, and there are more than a few big grooves thrown in for good measure. Give it a spin and embrace the feels!"
DETAILS: It's coming out on September 01 through Fearless and we're streaming the whole damn thing a week early!

THE ALBUM: Sick Of It All 'The Last Act Of Defiance'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "I like to two-step," says our ad guy Ben Crudgington (it's true, he does). "I like to think I’m quite good at it. 'The Last Act Of Defiance’ sees Sick Of It All make a triumphant return to those pounding grooves and signature progressions which are just fucking perfect for when I want to get my thing on."
DETAILS: It's coming out on September 29 through Century Media. Get all of the info at this link.

THE ALBUM: Beartooth 'Disgusting'
WHY WE LIKE IT: "It's hard to believe that 'Disgusting' comes from the same man that in one way or another is largely responsible for the atrocities of crabcore," comments Andy Ritchie. "It's visceral, it's sharp, and there's a soul-strangling pain in Caleb Shomo's delivery throughout, that all come together to produce one of the best debut albums of 2014. It's seriously accomplished stuff."
DETAILS: It's out now through Red Bull Records. Stream it below with Deezer!

So what happens when your office playlist looks a bit like that? Rock Sound 191 happens, that's what! You can download the new issue, order a copy to your door or pick it up in stores now. And don't forget, if you subscribe, you'll actually get a copy of Beartooth's 'Disgusting' for FREE!


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