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7 Things We Learned From Twenty One Pilots’ AMA

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 9 October 2018 at 10.48

You asked, they answered, we went through them all.

Twenty One Pilots' Josh and Tyler surprised everyone yesterday with a reddit AMA to celebrate the release of 'Trench', and their upcoming performance at the American Music Awards. 

We went through all the AMA thread, and pulled out everything that you need to know:

01. The first song written and completed on 'Trench' was 'Nico And The Niners'

02. Tyler's favourite song off 'Trench' is 'Cut My Lip', and Josh's is 'Levitate'

03. The hardest tracks from the album to write were 'Bandito', 'Morph', 'The Hype' and 'Chlorine'.
Tyler shared "I was working on 'Bandito' while on the Blurryface tour. the opening riff of 'Morph' and the production on 'The Hype' took everything out of me. Wrestling on trying to tackle what I was feeling in 'Chlorine' was exhausting"

04. They've gone through a lot of yellow tape so far (as we all have)
When asked just how much yellow tape they've already gone through, Josh shared "we are thinking about re-issuing a bunch of hard copies of the self-titled record to pay for all of the rolls we have already gone through. it's a lot."

05. The decision to work on 'Trench' without a huge team of producers was important to Tyler
He shared that working with Mute Math's Paul Meany on 'Trench' was a calculated decision, after working with five producers on 'Blurryface', saying "I had an instinct that's hard to describe that I knew I wanted to produce this album myself. Paul acted as the perfect co-driver to take it over the finish line. I loved the producers we've worked with in the past and wanted to take what I learned and apply it."

06. A track from their 2009 self-titled album has made it on to the Bandito Tour setlist
Not a drill- according to Tyler 'Taxi Cab' has made it on to the setlist.

07. Tyler wouldn't rule out a re-issue of their 2009 self-titled album, even though it'll decrease the value of his own original pressing
When asked if there's any way that the self-titled album would get a phyiscal re-issue, Tyler responded "definitely wouldn't rule it out but it's not in our near future plans. I have a hard copy myself that I'm looking to sell to make a bunch of money some day but if some were made that value would drop significantly." 

Listen to Twenty One Pilots' brand new album 'Trench' below:

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