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7 Things We Learned During Chrissy Costanza’s Livestream

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 24 October 2018 at 16.20

Pumpkin carving, dogs and Halloween!

01. What happened to the track that All Time Low's Alex Gaskarth was pictured recording last year?
Alex was only recording harmonies on the track, with Chrissy sharing "He was just recording harmonies on it, it was a song that we wrote together. But he wasn’t singing on it, he just sung some harmonies on it. But we still have it! So maybe it’ll be on the deluxe edition? If there’s a deluxe edition."

So what we're hearing is there's a chance we'll get to hear it.

02. The song from 'Past Lives' that Chrissy is most looking forward to playing is 'P.A.T.T.' (Pretty All The Time).

03. Her favourite Against The Current song to sing is 'Come Alive', and her favourite cover is 'I Really Like You' by Carl Rae Jepsen.

04. Chrissy is currently binge-watching Parks & Rec, and has recently become obsessed with Lord Of The Rings.

05. The most recent concert she attended was Taylor Swift, and she took her mum (awww).

06. She revealed an unknown fact- she's a massive fan of Tool
Speaking about an upcoming festival appearance for Against The Current, Chrissy shared that she's excited to be on a line-up alongside Tool, saying "Weirdly, an unknown fact is that I love Tool- ‘Forty Six & 2’ is one of my favourite songs ever, and so I’m really excited to see Tool. I never really thought there’d be an opportunity for me to see Tool while on tour myself."

07. Chrissy is definitely dressing up for Halloween, but you'll have to wait and see what her costume is going to be.


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