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7 Reasons You Should Go STRAIGHT To The Shops Today And Buy Our New Magazine

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 5 December 2014 at 15.10

Our 2014 Year In Review issue SPECTACULAR is in UK stores now. Here's a bunch of reasons you should head down to your local newsagent / supermarket and grab the issue.

1. It comes with a FREE 2015 wall calendar.
And what better way is there to ring in the new year than with a new calendar? There isn't one. So there.

2. In our Secret Diary Of 2014 feature, all of your favourite bands tell us the stories of their year, what they've learned and how they've grown over the last 12 months.
Want to know what You Me At Six's Josh Franceschi really thought about getting that Number One album? Or perhaps you need to know what Gerard Way made of his return to the stage at Reading & Leeds? From the return of Slipknot to the explosion of pop-punk, we find out what made this year such a solid one for rock and heavy music, in the words of the bands that made it all happen.

3. We spent MONTHS painstakingly knocking together our Top 50 Albums Of 2014 list, and if you don't read it then all of that was NOTHING.
Sure, by all means tell us we were wrong. Tell us this band or that band didn't deserve to be as high as they are. But for the love of god, just READ THE THING. We've lost sleep over this. And we will continue to do so until next year's list.

4. We've stuffed the mag FULL of the posters you want on your walls. 
Yep, this month we're giving away 14 posters which is more than we've ever given away in one issue. Fourteen! Who's included? Glad you asked. Take a look at this gallery to flick through the posters you could have on your walls if you just BUY THE MAG!

5. The big albums of 2015: reviewied today
Want to know what Enter Shikari's 'The Mindsweep' really sounds like? We'll tell you. How about the new one from Funeral For A Friend? We'll tell you that, too. PLUS we reveal what really happened on New Found Glory's Pop-Punk's Not Dead tour, rate the Leeds stop of Asking Alexandria UK run and find out if BABYMETAL at Brixton really was one of the rock events of the year.

6. We break the year down into loads of numbers. Because maths.
How many times did we listen to the Body Count album? How many new bands have we covered in our Exposure section over the last 12 months and how many posters have we given away this year? Find out the answer to these important questions and more (like "how many times did someone in the office tell something or someone to 'get in the bin'?"), only in the new issue. 

7. Pretty much every band ever features in it somewhere. 
Seriously, just look at that cover. Look at those names! 

If you want all of that, the new issue of Rock Sound is in stores TODAY! To find you nearest stockist, click on this link. To order a copy to your door, click on this one. And if you want to download the mag for your phone, laptop or computer, you can do that, too.

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