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7 Reasons You Should Definitely Subscribe To Rock Sound This Month

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 30 September 2014 at 14.52

We make a magazine every month and if you like what we do on the internet, you'll love what we put in print. Subscribe and you'll never miss an issue. Logic, right?

1. Because it's good value for money. No it actually is. Really.

Five issues for £5 is a cracking good deal, even if we do say so ourselves. Not only will you save a tonne of money by subscribing, but this month we're chucking in a copy of Neck Deep's cracking 'Wishful Thinking'. For free. Why? Because we can, silly!

2. Sick of trawling through a band's discography to find the good stuff? We're here to help.
Ever wanted to get into a band but never known where to start? You should have a read of our Buyer's Guide, where we give you the rundown of what's good and what's guff from a different band in every issue. This month we rate Sick Of It All's back catalogue, so if you're a newcomer to the hardcore scene, you'd do well to give it a read!

3. There's more than just MCR...

You may be looking at the cover of this issue and thinking, "Sure, it's great the My Chemical Romance guys are doing new and interesting projects, but what about all the other bands out there?" Don't worry, we've got you covered. Want to know find out how we thought You Me At Six did  at Reading & Leeds this summer? Or how about what Chris from Motionless In White thinks about his band's past? Maybe you're the kind of person that wants to know how many times we've listened to Destiny's Child recently (answer: not enough). The point is, we cover a lot of stuff.

4. Because bands know a thing or two about getting through tough times...
...and in every issue, you can pick up some Life Lessons from a different artist. This month, Beartooth's Caleb Shomo shares some of his advice, like, “Just be happy with you and strive to become the best version of that.”
That's golden, that.

5. We let you ask your favourite bands anything you want. ANYTHING!
Who doesn't want to know whether Deaf Havana's James Veck-Gilodi would rather be a moth or Boris Johnson? Or who can breakdance the best in Issues? This is the kind of stuff you lot ask every month in our In The Firing Line feature, and we keep putting it in because it's FUNNY. 

6. We give you more new music than anyone else, every single month

You get a free 15-track CD on the cover, and our Exposure section is STUFFED with new music that's just waiting to be heard. This month, we shine a light on London singer-songwriter Rob Lynch, Illinois rapper K. Flay, and Houston's American Fangs, as well as a host of other new bands and artists from across the globe. 


Bedrooms have walls that need filling, and we help you get closer to 100% completion with every issue. This month, as well as six classic My Chemical Romance shots, you'll get this mega double-sided 5 Seconds Of Summer / All Time Low poster, too!

That's enough reasons, surely? To subscribe to Rock Sound magazine and never miss an issue, head over to our brand spanking new subscription site now. Go on. Do it. DO IIIIIIT!

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