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7 Reasons You Should Definitely Subscribe To Rock Sound This Month

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 22 October 2014 at 16.04

As well as running this website day in, day out, we have a monthly magazine and it might just be your thing. Here's a bunch of reasons we think you'll be interested.
(And remember, if you subscribe, you'll get five issues for a fiver PLUS a free CD with your subscription. That's just logic, isn't it?)

1. Freebies. We love to give you free stuff.
There's only one thing that's better than free stuff and that's LOADS of free stuff. In the latest issue you'll get seven classic Black Veil Brides posters and 14 of the best new songs around on the covermount CD. We regularly stuff our mags with sticker sheets, mega poster bundlers and other little goodies, and you'll get a different compilation CD with every issue. YEAH, FREEBIES!

2. You can learn things. No, really, you can!
Most bands have seen and done it all, at least more than us lot here at the office. That's why we let one of them give you some valuable life lessons in every issue. This month, Attila's loud mouth, F-bomb dropping frontman Chris 'Fronz' Fronzak gives us some straight-up business tips. "I became a business monster," he tells us. "I was told that if I wanted something, I would have to work and buy it myself". See that? That's golden.

3. Corey Taylor and Vic Fuentes have their own regular columns 
Got a problem? Pierce The Veil's Vic Fuentes has his own advice column every issue (and he's actually really good at it). So whether you're having issues with your parents, your boy / girlfriend, or your wardrobe, Vic's the man to sort you out. Want something that'll make you think? Slipknot / Stone Sour man Corey Taylor has been writing for us for years, and he loves picking away at the surface of society's ills and delving into a deeper realm of thinking. Sometimes we know what he's going on about. Sometimes, not so much. 

4. We put your favourite bands in the Firing Line and let YOU take the shots
Every issue, we give you - the fans - a chance to meet and ask your favourite bands anything. Actually anything. Blitz Kids are our latest Firing Line victims, and you can get a taste of how that went in this gallery

5. We cover more new music than anyone else, every single month
In our Exposure section, we tell you about all the new bands you need to hear. So if your iTunes library is looking a bit tired, you'd do well to give it a read. This month, we tell the stories of internet sensation Unlocking The Truth, dance-rockers PVRIS, homegrown emo punks Moose Blood and many, many more. 

6. There's so much more than just what's on the cover
And we're not just saying that. This month, we've got in-depth features on the stunning new Lower Than Atlantis album and find out why Mallory Knox are poised to take the Brit rock crown with their cracking effort 'Asymmetry'. PLUS, we speak exclusively to New Found Glory about 'Resurrection' and what it's like to carry on as a four-piece after the year they've had.

7. It's the financially sensible thing to do
When all is said and done, the fact remains that if you subscribe to the magazine you'll save yourself loads of cash. It's five issues for a fiver, plus you get a free CD with every subscription. See that? We've got your back. 

Head over to our brand spanking new subscriptions page and get yourself signed up for the monthly mag today. This month, you'll get your usual five issues for a fiver deal, PLUS a free copy of The Amity Affliction's 'Let The Ocean Take Me'. What are you waiting for?

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