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6 Things You Can Expect From Pierce The Veil’s Fourth Album

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 August 2014 at 10.36

Pierce The Veil are currently working on the follow-up to 2012's colossal 'Collide With The Sky'. In the new issue of Rock Sound, we catch up with frontman Vic Fuentes to find out what fans can expect this time round. 

It'll be a big fat slice of classic PTV...
They haven’t gone and made a bizarre instrumental concept album or anything this time around; it’s still reassuringly  straight-up PTV so fans will be happy. “We always try not to do anything too left-field or anything that’s too drastic a change," Vic tells us, "so it still very much sounds like what people might expect from us.”

...with a couple of surprises thrown in for good measure
That doesn’t mean it’ll be a re-hash of ‘Collide With The Sky’, though. “It’s also very varied," Vic confirms. "We have so many different influences in this band that making a record has always been a struggle in terms of finding something cohesive that sits with everything around it. “

There aren't any big name guest vocals... yet.
Having previously worked with Jeremy McKinnon and Kellin Quinn, Vic says that so far, the only people on the new Pierce The Veil album are Pierce The Veil themselves. "As it stands we haven’t got anybody outside the band on this record. Whenever we collaborate with people it’s never conscious, it’s always something that has happened during the creative process”.

...but don't rule that out.
After all, Vic lent his own talents to All Time Low last year and Slaves (US) in recent months. “Who knows, before we’re done recording I’ll run into something I could use a hand with!”

They HAVE roped in some big names to write with them
Saying all of that, some cool behind-the-scenes collaborations have taken place. Vic tells us, "We’ve done some writing with Chad Gilbert [New Found Glory] and Tom Denney [ex- A Day to Remember]." Promising. Very promising.

And it'll be their most importat album yet
Vic reckons this record could be a landmark in the band's career. “In a band you always like to think that you’re making your defining record, but right now I feel as though that’s exactly what were doing. I think we’re really close to something special.”

Pierce The Veil's as-yet-untitled fourth album is due to drop some time in early 2015. To read the full feature, download the new issue, order a copy to your door, or pick it up in stores now.

Pierce The Veil will return the UK and Europe in spring 2015 as part of their co-headline World Tour with Sleeping With Sirens. Tickets are on sale now!

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