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50 Songs Of Love And Hate Part Two: Hate

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 14 February 2012 at 14.47

Hey Cupid, yeah you, kiss my arse!

So, with the mushy stuff now well and truly out of the way let's get some good old-fashioned anti-Valentine sentiment going.

There was love, now this is hate...

Limp Bizkit
‘Break Stuff’

This account of shitty days and the urge for sudden, uncontrollable violence still incites the demolition of rock club floors the world over. We’ve all wanted to put a chainsaw upside some fucker’s head, right?

Lamb Of God
‘Break You’

Appearing on the band’s most political and arguably angriest album, this track about seizing the reins and overcoming oppression sees Lamb Of God delivering on their brutal promise: they will fucking break you.

Brand New
‘Mix Tape’

The bitterness in this one takes a while to seep in: a sly blast of pity wrapped up in a sweet melody and Jesse Lacey’s sharp, incisive disemboweling of someone who just isn’t as cool as they think they are.

‘Another Day, Another Vendetta’

You’d think that with their second major label album and a bunch of movie soundtracks under their belt Hatebreed might’ve cheered up, but this testament to the bleak horrors of everyday life shows they still want to stamp hard on your throat.

Cancer Bats

Hardly a slouch in the intensity stakes prior to this spiteful belter, frontman Liam Cormier reaches new levels of apoplectic contempt as he takes a former girlfriend to the cleaners with maximum distain. Brutal.

Fall Out Boy
‘Tell That Mick He Just Made My List Of Things To Do Today’

Living well is the best revenge? Fuck that, writing a song that makes your rubbish ex and her new boyfriend fear for their life is pretty effective too, according to Pete Wentz. Indeed, there’s getting your own back and there’s just plain mean, and this falls into the latter category with “Let’s play this game called ‘When You Catch Fire’ – I wouldn’t piss to put you out” being one of the tamer scenarios discussed. Pro tip: it helps to make the title a cool quote from ‘Rushmore’ to show you’re cultured and not, you know, a total raging psychopath.

Cannibal Corpse
‘Hammer Smashed Face’

Of all the fucked-up scenarios Cannibal Corpse have conjured up, this yarn of a possessed man on a violence-for-the-sake-of-violence, hammer-wielding killing spree tops ‘em all simply because ‘HSF’ remains the best song they’ve written.

‘C. Thomas Howell As The Soul Man’

Jay-sus H Key-rist! Have you heard the dissonant splendour of Dave Knudson’s guitar? Have you noticed how vocalist Dave Verellen sounds like he’s chugging back razor blades with Komodo Dragon piss chasers? In a way, the song’s so viciously powerful that even if you didn’t know it was a blast of coruscating pity aimed squarely at Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley’s pre-Fall Out Boy hardcore outfit Racetraitor it loses none of its heft, but once you decipher the poisonous lyrics it reveals itself as an almost poetic attack. If you want to hear what pissed intellect sounds like, look no further.

All Time Low
‘Break Your Little Heart’

It’s the cruelty of the standout track from 09’s ‘Nothing Personal’ that merits inclusion, as Alex Gaskarth treats a former squeeze like she was barely worth the energy. And being ignored is sometimes harsher than being insulted, right?

Taking Back Sunday
‘Cute Without The E’

That’s right, it spells cut! Let these scorned lyrics be an example to cheating girlfriends everywhere – or consult the video for a more obvious metaphor, where TBS get beaten up by girls, Fight Club-style.

Bullet For My Valentine
‘Four Words (To Choke Upon)’

Even before he became a world-conquering metal superstar Matt Tuck wanted to tell the world to get bent. ‘Look at me now’ are the four words in question, a fuck-you to everyone who doubted Bullet would ever succeed.

Bring Me The Horizon
‘No Need For Introductions, I’ve Read About Girls Like You On The Backs Of Toilet Doors’

Beginning innocuously enough with some dainty piano noodling, the peace is swiftly shattered by a brief, unintelligible and bloody-throated exorcism before vocalist Oli Sykes delivers the all-important ‘Fuck you’ with startling clarity: “After everything you’ve put me through, I should have fucking pissed on you!” Not exactly beating around the bush, Sykes is referencing his April 07 arrest following a show in Nottingham, when a so-called fan falsely accused him of taking a slash on her after she refused to shag him; his vein-throbbing rage in calling her out for trying to destroy his dream is quite something to behold in its sheer intensity.

Smashing Pumpkins
‘Fuck You (An Ode To No One)’

Remember that shitty ex who damaged you beyond repair? Billy Corgan does. That’s why he wrote this wonderful ditty, even avoiding the fuckees name so we can all sing along together, united in pain…

‘Orchestra Of Wolves’

Misinterpreted as a nasty, misogynistic rant, this spiteful little number sees Frank Carter leveling his hectoring oi-oi-saveloy potshots at scuzzy manslags and would-be date rapists instead while on a nightmarish night on the town.

Vision Of Disorder

As revered as Vision Of Disorder were, it wasn’t for the violence of the music. We sincerely hope the individual Tim Williams serenaded with “Vengeance and hate runs deep / I'll always know where you sleep” is (was?) watching their back.

Minor Threat
‘Screaming At A Wall’

Idiots. Craven, mouth-breathing idiots. They blight our lives, sour our moods and sully the air with their… idiocy. Sadly you can’t change their minds – Ian MacKaye tried to no avail back in 1981.

Trash Talk

You could throw a rock blindly at Trash Talk’s back catalogue and be sure to hit something especially vicious, but ‘FYRA’ is something else entirely. Just over a minute of acidic hate, this sounds like being punched by a fucking demon.

‘Fucking Hostile’

No-one ever said Phil Anselmo was a happy chap, but this ‘un takes the biscuit: a bare knuckle assault on prickish authority figures that never lets up. If it fails to rouse you, you’re probably laid cold on a slab somewhere.

‘Last Caress’

In a matter of moments, Glenn Danzig has killed a baby, raped your mother and none of it matters to him. Now, he sits, waiting for your last breath. Where’s the love? Obviously, not here.

A Day To Remember

When frontman Jeremy McKinnon told Rock Sound last year that he’d never written a happy song, this firestorm of anger from their debut ‘And Their Name Was Treason’ stood out brightest as an example of him at his most brutal. Written from the point of view of someone who’d had e-fucking-nough of someone’s bullshit it’s an unstoppable battery of threats, and like a lioness defending her pride McKinnon will seemingly stop at nothing to right the apparent wrongs; “You threatened my life, my friends and family… And I’ll burn the building if I knew you’d die” he growls, and somehow you know he will.

'7 Words'

Being a so-called minority and dealing with California’s notoriously prejudiced police brigade would make anyone bitter enough to pen a song that uses more than a few of the seven words the late George Carlin opined weren’t allowed on TV.

‘People = Shit’

Their singer composes a column near the front of this magazine every month and, more often than not, the subject matter revolves around his particular distaste for all of the vestibules of wasted flesh known as humanity. Put a bunch of stormy metal behind that sentiment and it was a pretty good bet our man #8 wasn’t going to suddenly switch gears and start caterwauling about urban planning or cupcake frosting. “I feel like a wound”? “Like I got a gun against my head”?! You people suck and Mr. Taylor wants to remind you of that fact. KSP

Parkway Drive

Freedom is slavery. War is peace. Ignorance is strength. Existence is suffering. Big ideas from the mouths of the Parkway Drive boys who shed their surfer image in favour of dose of pure anger.

Anti-Nowhere League
‘So What’

Originally written (and banned!) in 1981, ‘So What’ remains the ultimate ode to bestiality, drug abuse and the pub game of embellished one-upmanship. And when Metallica covered it they nailed its don’t-give-a-fuck rage perfectly.

‘Fuck You’

The conventions of polite society dictate that you don’t usually make a point of flipping the verbal bird to those whose company you enjoy. That said bird was flipped 17 times in this song’s three minutes qualifies ‘Fuck You’ as a stellar hatred anthem.

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