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5 Years On, Here Are Fall Out Boy’s Biggest Moments Since Returning From Hiatus

Rob Sayce
Rob Sayce 5 March 2018 at 14.10

It's been a wild ride, and then some.

Fall Out Boy returned from their hiatus in February of 2013, and our lives have been a lot more interesting ever since.

We're revisiting the biggest moments in their world over the five years from then to now, starting with...

After months of rumours, the band announced their return... and a new album, 'Save Rock And Roll'... and shows across the world.

Oh, and they dropped this as their comeback single:

"When we were kids the only thing that got us through most days was music," they commented. "It's why we started Fall Out Boy in the first place."

"This isn't a reunion because we never broke up. We needed to plug back in and make some music that matters to us."

In another huge month, the band dropped a video for'The Phoenix', revealed the 'Save Rock And Roll' artwork and graced the cover of Rock Sound. 

'Save Rock And Roll' finally arrived - nearly half a decade on from 'Folie à Deux' - and it sounded huge. Kinda like this:

The album opened at number 1 on the US Billboard Chart, and charted highly across the world. Plus, the band dropped a video for 'Young Volcanoes', as part of their evolving The Young Blood Chronicles series.

While taking 'Save Rock And Roll' across the planet, they returned to the Reading & Leeds mainstage and released another video, for 'The Mighty Fall'.

Out of nowhere, FOB dropped their hardcore-influenced 'PAX AM Days' EP, which they'd recorded with Ryan Adams. Here it is:

Plus, the 'Just One Yesterday' video, featuring Foxes.


We discovered that the band would be heading across the states with Paramore for Monumentour and... yeah, it took us a while to calm down after that.

After a bunch more world touring (just casual, like), FOB unveiled the final part of The Young Blood Chronicles - and you can watch the whole thing here:

They returned to the UK for Download Festival, then kicked off touring on Monumentour with Paramore and New Politics. Here's a taste of how huge that was.

A new song, 'Centuries' arrived:

And Pete Wentz told us that he wanted the follow-up to 'Save Rock And Roll' to,"inspire kids to pick up guitars. I want us to be the biggest rock band on the planet."

After some creative teasing (something they've always been big on) they dropped 'Immortals'...

And soon after, a dramatic video for 'Centuries'.

This was another hectic month. First, they remixed the Chicago Bulls theme song alongside Lupe Fiasco...

Then announced their new album 'American Beauty/American Psycho', alongside the title-track. You can relive the video here:

"It's like we combined 'Save Rock And Roll' and 'Pax Am Days', took it to the future and made a new idea out of it," Pete said, of the record.

We all got an unforgettable Christmas present in the form of Brendon Urie's Drunk History of Fall Out Boy. 



The new album dropped, and divided opinion across the board... which was presumably kinda the idea.

Here's a reminder of how it sounded:

Once again it debuted at #1 on the US Billboard Chart, while also topping charts across the world.

Then, FOB teamed up with Wiz Khalifa for a remix of 'Uma Thurman', ahead of their The Boys Of Zummer tour beginning in June.


Remember that super-weird video for 'Irresistible', with the basketball tournament? Well, that arrived:


The band inducted Green Day into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, saying that, "no one else can do anything the way Green Day does..."

"Everything you guys do is punk rock in the sense that you’ve never gone the easy route, the obvious route, the safe route. You’ve never repeated yourselves, you’ve never done anything to please the suits."

Then, their 'Uma Thurman' video arrived:

To celebrate the ongoing The Boys Of Zummer tour, FOB collaborated with Wiz Khalifa on a remix of his 'Stayin Out All Night'. You can check that out here.  

This was a month of surprising videos. First up was the band's cameo appearance in New Politics' 'West End Kids' battle royale:

Then, this... uh, surreal tour teaser:

And then, popping up in Steve Aoki's 'Back To Earth' video:

At the MTV VMAs, FOB won Best Rock Video for 'Uma Thurman'. Big.

After some huge UK arena shows, they announced a tour with PVRIS, and unveiled a video for a new version of 'Irresistible', featuring Demi Lovato. It had Doug The Pug in it.

Then, they released a version of 'I Wan'na Be Like You' from Disney's The Jungle Book and... well, just listen.


And then? They dropped an 'American Beauty/American Psycho' remix record, 'Make America Psycho Again'. Which sounded like:

The band dropped a second video for the new version of 'Irresistible', this time featuring Demi Lovato:

They later performed it live on The Ellen Show.

In one of the year's most fun (and unexpected) collaborations, FOB teamed up with Missy Elliott for a new version of the Ghostbusters theme:

The band co-headlined Reading & Leeds for the first time, alongside Biffy Clyro - and there was a lot of fire. This much.

An experimental short film, Bloom, emerged this month. "It became a short film about how you can empower yourself, how falling / failing can make you stronger…" explained Pete.

Brace yourself:

You won't see FOB in a support slot often, but they did join One OK Rock for a pair of shows at Japan's Saitama Super Arena. By all accounts, it was pretty incredible.

Remember when the band got all tease-y, made us obsessed with purple and then threw a massive curveball in the form of 'Young And Menace'? Well, that.

This month was about three things. The Brendon-Urie-in-llama-costume mystery...

The live debut of 'Young And Menace'...

And Pete and Patrick answering questions while playing with puppies.

FOB dropped their second new song of the year, 'Champion'. The visualiser featured Pete, Post Malone and some llamas going skating, which was pretty special.

First off, the band took animated form to appear in Teen Titans Go:

Theeeeeeen dropped an incredible new video for 'Champion', featuring Jaden Smith.

Somewhere along the way, they were also nominated for Best Rock Video at the MTV VMAs. Again.

Though the release date of 'M A  N   I    A' was pushed back this month, they also turned up to the VMAs with some llamas. So that kinda made up for it.

They also donated proceeds from their Houston show to Hurricane Harvey relief efforts.

'The Last Of The Real Ones' arrived, alongside an unnerving video...

Then, FOB launched the Fall Out Boy Fund to give back to the people of Chicago. They also began honouring local champions on each date of their 'M A  N   I    A' tour.

Fall Out Boy fidget spinners? Fall Out Boy fidget spinners.

There was other stuff but yeah... that's the important one.

'HOLD ME TIGHT OR DON'T' arrived this month, accompanied by a Dia De Los Muertos / Day Of The Dead-themed video. We danced. The end.

Pete and Patrick gave one of their most revealing interviews ever, after winning the Hall Of Fame Award at the first ever Rock Sound Awards, powered by EMP.

Clearly we're biased, but it was a fascinating read

The big one: after months of anticipation, 'M A  N   I    A' was finally released. It topped the Billboard chart again, and sounded like this:

We also got two very different videos. First, 'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)':

Then, 'Church'.

And with that, we're up to date. Well, almost...

They'll be headlining Reading & Leeds Festival later this year, and have unleashed a Whitney Houston cover, because why not.

Fall Out Boy are touring the UK soon with Against The Current and MAX as support. Those dates are:


28 - CARDIFF Motorpoint Arena
31 - LONDON The O2

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