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5 Things You Can Learn From Jonny Craig This Month. No, Really.

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 July 2014 at 17.37

He's certainly been through the wringer, but Jonny Craig has learnt from his mistakes. Here's a taste of wisdome you can take from the Slaves (US) frontman in the new issue of Rock Sound.

1. Drugs are bad. Don’t do drugs. No seriously, don’t do drugs. 
Think drugs are just a bit of fun? They’re not. Jonny lost nearly everything to his heroin addiciton, including his career. “There came a point where it was like, ‘Do you want to sing, or do you want to get high?’” he tells us in the new issue of Rock Sound." I chose to get high putting drugs first."

2. People might get you down, but you do you.
Jonny knows what it's like to get more than a bit of hate, but he reckons the best thing to do is turn it into something positive. “All I can do is get on with my fucking thing and do what’s best for me. You can’t control it, and there’s no point in trying. It’s so brutal out there at times, but personally, I feed off all the hate.”

3. Family matters.
Most of us are guilty of taking our family for granted but, speaking of family, Jonny says, “Family is so important.; the strongest thing you could have. When you get into those tough times, they’re the only people you can rely on.” So you should probably ring your Mum up like you've been meaning to. 

4. Know when you've messed up. And then forgive yourself for it. 
We all make mistakes. Don't beat yourself up about it, but don't do it again yeah? "It was a while before I realised 'Hey, you've fucked up pretty badly'. It's going to take a lot of work to put myself in a trustworthy position again.; a respectable position. I'm not quite there yet. I've learnt to forgive myself, I know that."

5. Try and see the best in everyone.
Jonny admits that at one point, he "treated everyone like shit". But now that couldn't be further from the case. “I make people my number one priority even when they don’t deserve it”, he tells us. “It’s easy to pick at the flaws in people, we all have them, but it’s ultimately better to look for the good.”

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