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6 Scrapped Albums We Want To Hear So Badly

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 12 November 2019 at 17.18

These albums are the stuff of myth and legend. 

They may exist, but not really. We're aware of the existence of them, but the chances of hearing them seem so minimal. We hold on to hope. Here's the five scrapped albums we'd sell our kidneys for a chance to hear.

Before 'American Idiot' was a thing, there was 'Cigarettes And Valentines'. Now, 'Cigarettes And Valentines' was the album that was supposed to be the follow-up to Green Day's 2000 album 'Warning', but alas- in November of 2002 the almost finished masters were stolen from the studio.

Instead of re-recording the stolen tracks, Green Day used the theft as an opportunity to have a clean-slate, and ended up writing the biggest album of their career- 'American Idiot'. So really, all's well that ends well. 

Truthfully, you've probably unknowingly heard some of 'Cigarettes And Valentines'. Green Day managed to recover the stolen master tapes, and a handful of the original tracks got a reworking and were released as b-sides on 'American Idiot', and as a part of the tracklist of 'Tré!'. As recently as November 2016, Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong confirmed that the master tapes are being used on new songs, and that the band has no plans to ever release 'Cigarettes And Valentines' as a stand-alone album.

As it stands though, we'd still love to hear what the album that brought us 'American Idiot' is like. Dreams are free.


You can't really bring up 'Cricket And Clover' or the famed cabin tapes without a Panic! At The Disco fan appearing in front of you and descending in to tears. 

'Cricket And Clover' is the scrapped album that Panic! At The Disco wrote between 'A Fever You Can't Sweat Out' and 'Pretty. Odd.', and is well-known as 'The Cabin Tapes' having been recorded in a secluded cabin in the woods in Nevada. Six songs were written and demo'd for 'Cricket And Clover', but ultimately the album was scrapped and Panic! went back to the drawing board. But out of the ashes, 'Pretty. Odd.' was born.

You likely already know one of the songs off 'Cricket And Clover'. 'Nearly Witches' which features on 'Vices And Virtues' is one of the famed six demos, and was released on the 'Citizens FOB Mixtape' by a Panic! At The Disco alter-ego called The Paul Revere Jumpsuit Apparatus, as part of a publicity stunt by Fall Out Boy in 2008. Check out the demo below:

As for whether we'll ever get to here the famed 'Cricket And Clover'? Don't bank on it. Although Brendon Urie did confirm on an instagram livestream recently that the songs still exist on a harddrive somewhere (just not with him):


When the Academy Is... announced the departure of two founding members at the beginning of 2011, it would have been safe to assume the worst. The end of times for The Academy Is.... However, it was business as usual as William Beckett announced that all remaining members were returning to the studio to work on album number four. 

Months went by, and the band updated their social media with a number of posts and photos- most notably in a Facebook album entitled "TAI... Making Album 4". 

And it was all going so well until October 08, when The Academy Is... announced their untimely end. And alas, the partially-written Album Number Four was never brought up again.


The planned follow-up to Weezer's 'The Blue Album' was intended to be a "space rock-opera" and a thorough concept album, complete with multiple characters and full storyline. 

'Songs From The Black Hole' was demo'd at the end of 2014, but when Rivers Cuomo enrolled at Harvard the following year his songwriting became darker and more confessional, and he saw the work he'd done on 'Songs From The Black Hole' as too whimsical, and the album was abandoned.

Out of the ashes of the scrapped rock-opera, Weezer wrote and released 'Pinkerton'. Both 'Getchoo' and 'Tired Of Sex' survived the scrapping and appeared as b-sides on 'Pinkerton', but most of the tracks have never seen the light of day.


Contrary to popular belief, 'MCR5' isn't actually 'Conventional Weapons'. The 'Conventional Weapons' series of tracks were released ahead of My Chemical Romance frontman Gerard Way revealing his plans for 'MCR5'. According to Gerard, the album was set to be a dark concept album, focusing around the story of parents at a therapy group after their children's tragic deaths. He even revealed that Colleen Attwood, the costume designer for 'The Black Parade' was working on the costumes to accompany the album.

In the October issue of Q Magazine, Frank Iero reported that tracking on 'MCR5' with new drummer Jarrod Alexander, sharing "Jarrod is a rad guy and a fantastic player. It's been really fun making music with him these past few months". 

Essentially, My Chemical Romance had started some serious recording on 'MCR5' before it was scrapped when the band announced their breakup in March 2013. 

There's been speculation that 'Emily' which was released as a rough mix on 'May Death Never Stop You' was one of the scrapped tracks from 'MCR5', appearing to fit the narrative of the death of a child. 

Will we ever get to hear 'MCR5'? Probably not. But it will forever be the one that got away.


Cast your mind back to March. It was a long time ago, but see if you can. The world was anticipating the announcement of Waterparks' upcoming album 'Friendly Reminder', and all was right with the world. Until it wasn't. Until Awsten sent this tweet:

And with that, 'Friendly Reminder' became a lost album. 

Speaking of scrapping 'Friendly Reminder' in Waterparks' Rock Sound cover feature, Awsten shared, “I think it’ll be fun to have a lost album... We were on the One OK Rock tour, and I was kind of dealing with some stuff on that. I was like, ‘Man, honestly, I’ve got a lot of other shit to say that’s not this’. As soon as I got back I was like, ‘Alright, people need to hear something else’. There are a lot of other things that are talked about on the new songs that are more of a focal point for what I feel right now. I feel like the best you can ever do is to be as up-front with yourself emotionally and mentally as possible.” He stops and thinks for a second. “I just didn’t want to set myself up again.”

And while a handful of 'Friendly Reminder' tracks ended up in various, re-worked capacities across their actual new album 'FANDOM', we'll forever be intrigued by the mystery of 'Friendly Reminder'.

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