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24 Hours On Tour With: The Faim

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 18 February 2019 at 16.54

We follow The Faim lads around Germany.

The Faim are currently on their debut headline tour, and are conquering Europe alongside Chapel and WSTR. This is what the aussie lads got up to on tour in Hamburg, hour by hour. Over to The Faim:

08:00 - Alarms Go Off
On tour it’s a rare that you get to stay in the same city the night after a show, but on this occasion we spent the night in Berlin. Although having got back to the Hotel at 2am, we definitely regret this decision which has left us with a 9am van call to Hamburg. Everyone showers and packs.

09:00 - Van Call
Sam and Linden are late for van call, and as a result get the middle seats in the back of the van, along with the forfeit of buying coffee for Mitch, who is our guitar tech and driver (originally, the forfeit was a charge of £1 every minute you miss van call by, but due to an incident where Josh, Sam and Linden overslept all of their alarms and got to the van 40 minutes late each, this was abandoned).

11:00 - Pit-Stop
We make a pit-stop for breakfast and coffee at a service station. Unfortunately we can’t decipher the sandwich labels, so just end up guessing what is in each, and Josh ends up giving his to Steve, because it was the worst thing he had ever tasted. Stephen will eat anything and Josh complains in great detail for the rest of the drive.

14:00 - Press
Our first press appearance for the day is at NDR2, a German radio station. NDR2 has a special place in our hearts, as they have been such a supporter of The Faim and in particular our song ‘Summer is a Curse’ As soon as we found out we were going to be in Hamburg, we had to visit them again. Luckily, we’ve arrived early, and manage to get lunch in the staff cafeteria before heading upstairs at 2pm to set up for the Radio performance.

15:00 - Load In
Having said goodbye to NDR2, we head over to Headcrash, the venue for the evening. Chapel and their team have already arrived, and they've kindly been transporting our merch on this run of dates- so in return we have been helping them load into the venue every day.

At 4pm we are just about ready to soundcheck. Of course, cuddles and kisses are a must before every load in.

17:00 - Relaxing
With soundcheck done and no press until later this evening, we head up to the greenroom in the venue and put every single device on charge. Unfortunately we’ve not got time to explore the surrounding area today, with exception of the closest coffee shop (tour note- use Bean Hunter to find the best cup nearest to you) before having to head back to the venue.

18:00 - Meet & Greet
Touring leaves you with a deceptively short amount of time each day, so we’re glad to be able to set aside an hour a day before doors to meet and greet some fans, answer a few questions and play a couple of acoustic versions of our songs. The priority has always been to give the incredible supporters of The Faim an intimate and worthwhile experience.

Also the artwork fans make for us is truly incredible. We are constantly surprised by the work; in particular Jule has made us hand made T-shirts, drawings and these amazing prints. We’re eternally humbled by the fans' love and support for our band.  We hope to continue to do them proud over the many years to come.

19:00 - More Press
We have an hour of interviews from 7pm - 8pm, and afterwards we head out of the venue to grab a bite of food before starting to warm up for the show. The Faim tours both the world, and your restaurants.

21:45 - The Show
Performing is one of the most exciting aspects of touring. No matter how we’re feeling, the show comes first. With everyone overly tired and riddled with sickness, we pushed onto one of the most amazing shows of tour. With plenty of room to move and bars to climb, the love we receive after every song continues to blow our minds. The non-stop singing and screaming for an encore only makes us more motivated and excited to come back perform in Hamburg again.

23:30 - Load Out
With the set over we all load out into the van again, saying hi to people who have waited out for us. Unfortunately we can’t stick around, we have a three hour drive to the hotel for the evening, and a 6:30am van call to Munich. Again the van consists of more cuddles and yells of excitement as we look back on such an unforgettable experience.

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