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24 Hours On Tour With: Polaris

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 6 February 2019 at 15.07

We follow the Polaris lads around Paris.

Polaris are currently on a massive tour of the UK and Europe supporting Architects alongside Beartooth. This is what the aussie lads got up to on tour in Paris, hour by hour. Over to Polaris:

11:00 - Wake Up & Breakfast
Good morning everybody. Most of us tend to wake up as the bus rolls into the city and we try to drag ourselves out of our bunks between 11 and 12. First priority is usually coffee and a light brekky of some kind - a croissant, or a trip to Greggs if we're in the UK. 

12:00 - Exploring The City
If possible, we try to get out for a walk and see a few quick sights of the city we're in. It always helps to break up the monotony of constantly moving if you can find visit some unique local landmarks. This time we were stoked to finally make it to the Eiffel Tower after coming through France a few times in the past. 

14:00 - Lunchtime Catering
Help yourself to the backstage buffet. You can count on soup, bread and a bunch of various hot and cold options. This tour is all vegan catering which is a nice change for us, because we don't tend to make much effort to be healthy on tour. 

15:00 - Merch Load In 
Counting in merch is one of the least exciting points of the day, especially for Jamie and our tour manager/ merch manager Alec. All stock has to be checked, prices for the day calculated and samples pinned up onto the display walls. 

17:00 - Gear Setup/ Soundcheck 
Assemble the tower. Test signals. Build the and tune the drum kit on the venue floor. Load to stage. Sound check until our sound guy Curtis is happy out front and monitor levels are on point. One of the most crucial parts of the day to ensure a good show for everybody. 

18:00 - Pre-Show
Our pre show ritual isn't anything too crazy. We keep mostly sober and try to get in a positive zone physically and mentally. Dan stretches a lot, Jake and Jamie have their own specific warmups that they abide by, Rick and Ryan try to keep their hands moving and ready to go. We'll chuck some tunes on the UE Boom to get us bouncing, usually a mix of some 90s bangers, a bit of hip hop and some nu-metal. Everybody's side stage roughly 3 mins before kick-off. 

19:00 - Performance
Showtime. That little 30 mins that the whole day centres around. A great set can save any shitty day. Try to leave as much sweat on the stage as you expect from the audience. 

Photocredit: Jack Rudder.

Polaris’ latest album ‘The Mortal Coil’ is out now via SharpTone Records, available via Amazon, iTunes & Spotify.

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