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We Need To Talk About The Amount Of Bands Writing Songs About California

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 19 January 2019 at 12.07

The phenomenon of bands writing songs mentioning California. We need to talk about it.

And let's be clear, it is a phenomenon. It's only once you start researching the topic that you realise just how many songs there are. And from bands that aren't even from California! 

Whether they're leaving California, dreaming of being in Beverly Hills, or asking Hollywood to turn them on, no state on Earth seems to get the royal treatment quite like California. Or the cities within it. 

Don't believe us? We've done the leg work. And this isn't even a comprehensive list- this is simply the first 22 songs we found that were from bands in our world.

01. 'California' - Yellowcard
Pretty much the entire Yellowcard discography mentions California, Los Angeles or specific places therein. But this is the right song to kick this whole thing off with because, well, it's right there in the title.

02. 'California' - Metro Station
Again, it's right there in the title.

03. 'Los Angeles' - Blink-182
San Diego-natives Blink have never shyed away from a classic reference to California, but this song specifically about Los Angeles is next level. Not to mention the fact that the album that this song is from is literally called 'California'. 

04. 'Leaving California' - Boys Like Girls
Not all the songs are about loving California, mind. For example this one is about leaving it. 

05. 'Holly (Would You Turn Me On?)' - All Time Low
A little trickier, this All Time Low one mentions Hollywood, but cleverly did it using the name Holly, and posing a question. Get it? "Holly, would you turn me on?" becomes "Hollywood, you turn me on". I know you get it. It's a clever wordplay. 

06. 'Into The Airwaves' - Jack's Mannequin

07. 'Beverly Hills' - Weezer
Beverly Hills- noted suburb of Los Angeles. 
Los Angeles- noted city of California.

08. 'Mullholand Drive' - The Gaslight Anthem
Mullholland Drive is a famous panoramic drive over the Hollywood Hills in- you guessed it: California.

09. 'The River' - Good Charlotte
'The River' is actually referring to the Los Angeles River. And this isn't even a fact we made up- you can google it.

10. 'LAX To O'Hare' - The Academy Is...
LAX being the code for Los Angeles International Airport, this banger is about leaving LA for Chicago. A mood.

11. 'Invented' - Jimmy Eat World

12. 'Hell Looks A Lot Like LA' - Less Than Jake
Less Than Jake aren't big fans of Los Angeles, but they certainly wrote a song about it.

13. 'Chelsea' - The Summer Set

14. 'The City with Two Faces' a.k.a. 'Fuck L.A.' - Goldfinger
Detecting a theme here with ska bands not liking LA. 

15. 'Birthday In Los Angeles' - The Maine
It's right there, in the title. 

16. 'City Of Angels' - Thirty Seconds To Mars
Thirty Seconds To Mars both love and loathe The City Of Angels in this one. Fun fact, Los Angeles is known as The City Of Angels. I know you knew that, but this is the connection to California.

17. 'The Ghosts Of Beverly Drive' - Death Cab For Cutie

18. 'Uncomfortably Numb' - Butch Walker

19. 'Ocean Avenue' - Yellowcard
Again, it's hard to know where to end it with the Yellowcard songs about California, but this is a seminal classic AND you can actually visit Ocean Avenue in Santa Monica in Los Angeles. It's a real place.

20. 'LA Devotee' - Panic! At The Disco
Brendon loves Los Angeles so much that he professes himself an LA Devotee. 

21. 'California' - Yungblud
Dom laments that maybe he should just go to California? 

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And we'll leave the last word with My Chemical Romance who have totally nailed our thoughts on this whole mad situation- because truly:

'We Don't Need Another Song About California' - My Chemical Romance

We really, really don't.

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