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2012 In Review With The Ghost Of A Thousand Frontman Tom Lacey

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 29 November 2012 at 16.29

Is anyone else excited to see TGOAT again at shows shows in Brighton and Brixton this weekend? Thought so.


This weekend The Ghost Of A Thousand will pick up their instruments once more and take the stage for a handful of dates in Brighton and Brixton. A farewell bid to their fans and a chance to pay homage to Alexisonfire or an indicator of something more? To gauge the mood of the group and put the rumours to rest we caught up with vocalist Tom Lacey for a natter...and bloody enjoyable it was too.

First off, how long have you known about these shows, who reached out to the band and how long did it take for you all to decide to do these dates?
"We've known about this for a few months and I was the first to be asked. It was Alexis' agent who asked us, and to be totally honest, I thought everyone would say no. But as I went round the houses everyone seemed to be up for it. The dust has settled on the split now, and I think we're all in a place where we can relax about this sort of thing a bit more."

Did you personally have any fears about doing the shows, or did it just sound like a fun thing to do?
"The fear of being shit always looms over everything! We all miss playing together as a gang, that above anything will be the best thing about these shows. It's a bond I don't think any of us will ever get over, but why the fuck should we?"

Had you thought about the band much after the split?
"I guess I'd put it to bed, but I still love that we did it. I moved house a few months ago and the first thing to be framed was the poster from our last show, it was the first thing banged on a wall. That's got to say something."

How has it felt preparing for the show, what's been enjoyable about that experience?
"There are always tears, we're not a fun band in rehearsal. Multiple fag breaks for everyone, even the non-smokers."

What are your hopes/expectations for the show if any?
"Give the old girl a send off, and be as rude about Alexis on stage as I possibly can. Pretty simple."

How do you think you'll balance the set on the nights?
"Probably a 50 / 50 split between our two seminal albums. But we'll see, we don't have a product to flog so ones that work well for people unfamiliar with our tunes is probably a good way for us to go."

Do you think The Ghost Of A Thousand can be coaxed out of retirement at any other points in future?
"I'd be surprised, but I guess now the the pressure is off, who knows. But I think in reality this is one last hurrah, I'm not a fan of re-unions at the best of times, especially for bands I love, so for us to keep doing it forever makes me feel a bit cold."

What about the band still makes you proud to this day, what are the greatest achievements in your personal opinion?
"I think our records stand up. I think that whilst we didn't make a huge impact in terms of millions of fans, the people who took to our band got that we were coming at heavy music from a different perspective from our peers. I'm proud of the live band we were, let's be honest, we had that one in the bag."

Do you still listen to aggressive music or have you become an embittered and jaded old man who sits at home griping about kids these days?
"More than ever. I think in my head I thought I'd give it all up, but I'm in the heaviest band I've ever been in in my life now, who'd have thought? The common misconception is that heavy music is some ow immature and a young man's game, which is frankly bullshit. If you can't find stuff to get angry about as a thirty year old man, you obviously don't read the news or own a computer. The world doesn't turn into a glorious paradise just because you've shed the trappings of youth. Keep screaming, and don't fucking stop."

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