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2012 In Review With Emmure Frontman Frankie Palmeri

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 13 December 2012 at 14.14

Frankie Palmeri, never a dull interview. 


In the latest issue of Rock Sound we are looking back at the year in music and for Emmure it's been a highlight reel. Fifth album 'Slave To The Game', a headline slot at Ghostfest and that small matter of 1000 live shows have all cemented the band's position yet for vocalist Frankie Palmeri the last twelve months have been anything but simple, we'll let him explain...

First of all Frankie, how has 2012 been for you personally and musically? Great year right?
"Well, I have to be honest with you guys, 2012 was really terrible for me on a personal level. There were some really great moments musically here and there but I had a ton of problems personally and with the band this year. Many things fell through the cracks and I am still even now trying to put the pieces back together. I will say though that I gained a much stronger appreciation for things this year. My love for music and art has never been this high and I learned some valuable lessons from all the losses I have felt this year. I am still young and learning as I go. Maybe one day I will have it all figured out, but who can really say."
What were the highlight moments and where does the headline appearance at a sold out Ghostfest fit into it?
"The sold out show at Ghostfest was most definitely a standout moment in 2012. The crowd that night was incredible. It was also refreshing to see and hear a ton of great bands that I have only had the chance of hearing about through word of mouth. Metal and hardcore is going great places and Ghostfest is certainly proof of that."
Did you think the band would ever get to the stage of playing events like that  in different countries to a few thousand kids? What were the ambitions when the band started?

"It’s most definitely a dream come true for us to stand on a stage and play to so many people. It’s truly a blessing and I wouldn't trade this for the world. I think our ambitions have always been just that, we have put our entire being into making sure we can reach as many people as possible with our music. The road is still a bumpy one and we are still working hard to reach even more people than before. We started out in very humble beginnings playing to empty bars and sleeping outside in the freezing cold. To see it transform into what it has become now is simply astounding."

What are your memories from that night and how does it compare to your first UK shows? How far has Emmure come in terms of a UK fan base?
"Oh, there is no comparison to how things first started when we first hit the scene in the UK. We were lucky enough to have gained a small following of awesome fans and as we continued to come back the numbers just grew and grew. At this point playing a show like that and once again being able to see what our career has transformed into is such a blessing. We have sincere love for our UK fans. It's almost like a second home to us now and it’s always such a treat to be there. I love everything about the UK and I can't wait to continue to visit and rock the spot."
What do you think people got about 'Slave to the Game' and what do you think people missed on that record?
"I think what people got out of it was new flavour from the band. What they missed out on is us at our best. I say that because I’m a particularly harsh critic of myself, and I still don't feel like the songs spoke enough for the band. Our heads were in different places and so the album feels very one sided to me. I have to be honest about this question because I want our fans to know that what we are about to do next is going to blow the doors off and completely smash our previous release."
How has your approach to playing live changed over the years (if at all), what are your priorities when you walk out on stage every night?
"I want the crowd to feel the love and energy that we share with them. Without the love in the room from the fans there is no possible way we could even function on stage. We try to deliver an interactive experience and create an escape for the audience. When I walk off stage I try to carry that same love and energy and let people know how much we truly appreciate them. Our fans help us conduct the show and create the overall experience. If they are going off and moshing and someone's buddy gets a tooth knocked out that night, then that turns into a memory and creates a time and place for us and our music."

You said in a Rock Sound interview that two of the characters from Street Fighter 2 are real...are you gonna tell us which ones yet? If not, why not!?!
"It's a pretty deep question. I think it’s a little too out there for most people to grasp in only a few sentences. As you go through life you start to realize how connected you are to the world around you. That includes thoughts, energy, and ideas. So, sorry Rock Sound but this file remains confidential...for now."

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