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17 Times Bands Were Just The Nicest People On The Planet

Andy Biddulph
Andy Biddulph 5 January 2018 at 14.30

We asked a bunch of people what the nicest thing a band has done for them is, and their answers will warm your cold, black heart.

01. "One time Frank Iero served hot chocolate to his fans who were waiting in the freezing rain..."

02. "Invite my brother (down syndrome, hard of hearing, nonverbal) and I to VIP and then take us backstage, had us watch the show from side stage, sing with my brother on their bus, dance with my him during the opening bands, and then take my brother out on stage during his fav song!"

03. "Jason from letlive. gave me $3 to buy water... after I lost my wallet"

04. "Awsten dropped everything to come over and make sure I was okay..."

05. "Emerson from Palaye Royale gave me his book for free because it was my birthday the next day"

06. "Awsten told me I'm capable of anything"

07. "Pat from Movements has remembered me every single time"

08. "Asked me to join Of Mice & Men"

09. "State Champs wore shrek masks with me and it was magical"

10. "Let me sing on stage with them!"

11. "Biffy Clyro did a birthday card for my son's second birthday"

12. "Dedicated a song to me, in front of 12,000 people, in another country"

13. "Alex Gaskarth told Jack Barakat not to kill me"

14. "Ben Bruce did a cameo video for me just before Christmas..."

15. "That time when me and a friend followed Mayday Parade for the entire tour and they weren't playing a song we wanted... then they played it for us on the last night"

16. "Evan from State Champs went backstage to bring me a pair of his sticks"

17. The classic.

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