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17 Things That Frank Iero’s New Band Could Possibly Be Called (But Probably Isn’t)

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 16 August 2018 at 16.49

So Frank Iero has revealed he has a new band. And speculation is rife around what the name of the band is. Here's some best guesses, and silly suggestions.

So here's what we know. Frank Iero has a new band. He shared the news on instagram earlier this week, with the hashtag #FIATFV. We can assume that the name of the band will follow the trend his past band names have adopted, and that it will be Frank Iero And The... FV.

These are some of the best suggestions.

Seems legit.

Please no. 

Seems as good of a guess as any. 

We back this one. 

Well, vampires will never hurt you... 

Unlikely from famous vegan, Frank Iero. But duly considered. 

Fancy Vegans has a lovely ring to it. 

It pops up a lot, and as unlikely as it seems we'd be interested to see this printed on an album. 

Funeral Van is too emo for this new era of Frank Iero and you all know it. 

Makes as much sense as many of the other suggestions. 

Sure. Frank does love his dogs. Anything is possible 

Our favourite. 

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