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14 Things That Went Down On Board Parahoy: Deep Search 2018

Claire Louise Sheridan
Claire Louise Sheridan 18 April 2018 at 13.37

Did you miss out on Parahoy 2018? Or were you there and are just desperate to relive your five magical days on board? Either way, we have the goods.

Put over 2,700 Paramore fans on a ship headed to the Bahamas, and chaos could easily ensue. Luckily for everyone involved in Parahoy: Deep Search, it did – but in the very best way! Here are 14 things that went down on board Parahoy 2018.

01. Paramore delivered the goods
This one goes without saying, but we’re going to anyway. The band's much anticipated headline sets are now legendary, offering fans a truly special experience thanks to the hand-chosen setlists on board. As this was Paramore's third time doing this, they proved they’re essentially specialists at surpassing expectations. Performances were full of special outros, covers and not one repeat (bar 'Hard Times', but no one is complaining about hearing that more than once). We may well have grown up with these guys, as they’re fond of reminding us, but they still know how to keep us on our toes.

02. Hayley Williams absolutely killed it
They say that good things come in small packages, and with this woman it’s always been true. It was Shakespeare who said “though she be little, she is fierce” and even though he’s been dead for years, his words certainly ring true in the context of Hayley Williams. Not only can Hayley sing, she’s also a fashionista, entrepreneur and kick-ass frontwoman all rolled into one. She’s not even 30 yet, so it has to be asked - is there anything she can’t do? Whether she was rocking the glitter tears and high kicks, or hitting those high notes, you couldn’t help but soak up that infectious energy.

03. There was a total Zac attack
It’s been well documented that Paramore drummer Zac Farro has been back on the scene since early 2017. He’s quirky as they come, and you can tell his stage-self is true to character. While previous cruises have been without the guy for obvious reasons (and we didn’t complain about seeing Aaron Gillespie instead), his appearance on this one was nothing short of majestic. The fans clearly agreed too, his jubilant return making the crowd go truly wild.

04. Fans proved their loyalty
And their dedication. In every single way. Whether it was spending hours camped out for the barrier (even missing the chance to go to the Bahamas), or displaying a myriad of different hair colours brighter than the Bahamian sunsets themselves, everything fans did on board showed exactly why this entire experience is a dream come true for them.

05. ...And in return, Paramore proved theirs 
Case in point, during the 2014 voyage Paramore had to wait while every single person on board posed for a photo with them. This time things were way more practical, thanks to three small acoustic sets that each cruiser could attend only once. You won’t find videos of that anywhere, because absolutely no phones were allowed. Paramore also ensured that fans were involved every step of the way. A Malaysian fan designed the official cruise poster, and a previous winner of Paraoke (Parahoy’s major karaoke session) helped present the 2018 event. There’s an intimacy on board Parahoy that on land is simply impossible to recreate. Perhaps it’s a cliché, but on this ship there’s cohesiveness. It’s less about a relationship between artists and fans, but rather one between actual friends.

06. There were performances from friends
So, what exactly do people do when Paramore aren’t performing, anyway? Well, it turns out the answer is actually 'quite a lot'. The band brought along some of their closest friends, including Parahoy veterans Mewithoutyou, and newbies HalfNoise, Now, Now, Mija, Judah and the Lion and Local Natives. Each act performed not one, not two but three whole sets. Zac even brought out his pals (including Hayley) to help close out the final HalfNoise set of the trip, and it was amazing.

07. There was a whole host of covers
Where do we even begin with these? Paramore highlighted their versatility at their extra special acoustic sets with their rendition of Drake’s 'Passionfruit'. The excerpt from Michael Jackson’s 'Beat It' midway through 'Crush Crush Crush' and Paramore's own version of Fleetwood Mac’s 'Everywhere' also went down a real treat. This is a band that loves their '80s vibes - where did you think Paramore got their influences for 'After Laughter' from, after all? Judah and the Lion deserve a mention here too, for smashing out Eminem’s 'Lose Yourself', The Killers' 'Mr Brightside' and even, uh, 'Wagon Wheel'. Well, they are from the American South!

08. Paramore hosted a Q&A
Letting fans in on secrets such as pre-show superstitions, and giving out snippets of information (like Hayley’s love of Japanese soaps) is a commendable effort to bare all and truly connect to a group of the most dedicated fans on the planet. Perhaps the most fascinating insight however, was how the band thought their younger selves would see where they’re at now and whether they’re musically where they hoped they’d be. According to them, there’s simply no point in fixating on making the heaviest sound for the sake of it. When the music’s this good, it’s good, y’know? Take note.

09. We danced the nights (and days) away
Whether it was the dance-off to cool-AF DJ Mija or screaming our lungs out to My Chemical Romance at the Silent Disco, there was something to keep fans partying at all times of day. In fact, on Parahoy you’ve got activities 'round the clock – it’s no wonder the days seem to roll into one!

10. Uncool activities suddenly got way cooler
Put random activities that you’d never normally be into onto a cruise ship with Paramore, and you’d be surprised how quickly your opinion changes. From bingo to ping pong, and even a relay race - fans had the chance to try it all. Remember sports day at school? Yeah, the relay race was like that. Except not. It was on a boat, with bands, and in the middle of the ocean.

11.The food was next level
Did we mention that Parahoy isn’t anything like your average festival, yet? To really hammer the message home, we can’t help but stress that fact. Land-based festivals are great, but you can’t enjoy a frozen cocktail from a hot tub overlooking the stage, or just rock up and help yourself to free food (sadly). And since Hayley told everyone at the Q&A just how much she loves vegan food lately, it’s a good thing there was plenty on board.

12. There was tears, laughter and plenty of goosebumps
Whether it was hearing 'Last Hope' or 'Misguided Ghosts' live, or just the sheer enormity in sharing in it all that set you off, we didn’t see many dry eyes in the house. And if you didn’t laugh? Well, were you on Parahoy at all?

13. Memories and friends were made
We spoke to countless fans on this trip, and each echoed the same sentiments. While it’s Paramore that ultimately brings everyone together, it’s the fans that keep the entire thing from falling apart. The friendships forged and the unbreakable bonds made are what truly keeps the Paramore fandom coming together like family.

14. Sixthman nailed the entire thing
Parahoy doesn’t just magically happen – there’s sooo much that goes on behind the scenes. The geniuses behind the whole thing are Sixthman, and Paramore fans are eternally in their debt. We really hope they’re planning for next time, ‘cause we’re ready for round four already!

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