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11 Things We’re Expecting To See At Sonisphere This Weekend

Rock Sound
Rock Sound 3 July 2014 at 14.29

Sonisphere kicks off tomorrow. Struggling to get in the mood? Here’s some stuff that we’re excited to see this weekend, and some ludicrously wild speculation.

1) Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickinson will be a total plane-flying badass

It seems like he’s never out of air these days, and Iron Maiden’s frontman will take to the skies at 6pm on Saturday as part of a 12-plane air display to mark the 100th anniversary of World War I. Chocks away and all that.

2) Chino goes arse over tit: Part II

Remember that time the crowd ate Chino Moreno at Leeds Festival last year? Well, Deftones are back in the country and we’re hoping for some more internet gold. We’ll be the ones throwing banana skins onstage from the front row (not really).

3) We'll FINALLY get to see what this Babymetal malarkey is really all about
Everyone’s favourite head-melting teenage Japanese metal three-piece Babymetal are playing on Saturday lunchtime. Will the cries of "THEY'RE NO REAL METAL!" drown out their J-riff extravaganza, or will they win Sonisphere over? 

​4) Metallica. Metallica. METALLICA.

Did you happen to catch ‘tallica’s mighty set at Glastonbury last weekend? Expect more of the same, maybe with a bit more fire and far fewer ‘ironic’ horns being thrown. 

5) The Bronx will cause total fucking devastation

WE’RE SO EXCITED TO SEE THE BRONX AGAIN. If there’s one band that always bring it live, it’s these gents. If there’s something to dive off, you can be pretty sure frontman Matt Caughthran will go headfirst into the crowd. A lot.

6) Lags'll have to leg it!

Gallows guitarist Laurent Barnard finishes playing with his side-project Krokodil at 2:30pm on Sunday. Gallows are due to start at 2:40pm on a completely different stage. Hmmm. If you see him legging it across the site at half two on Sunday, for goodness’ sake don’t ask him to stop for a photo!

7) The Prodigy will bring the July 4th fireworks

They may be from dear old Blighty, but expect this genre-bastardising lot to bring a show-stopping, retina-burning performance on Friday night regardless. And, you know, “IT’S AN OMEEEEN”.

8) Straight Lines will start a Straight Lines conga line
It was a festival staple a year or two ago, but we didn’t manage to slip into a good old Straight Lines conga line last year. Even though they’re on at 1:30pm on Friday, we’ll feel extremely short-changed if there isn’t some sort of organised fun on offer.

9) Loads of confused metalheads will watch Reel Big Fish... and probably love it

Playing after Karnivool and between Mastodon and Airbourne’s sets on the opposite stage would be a tough prospect for anyone, but it won’t be a problem for Reel Big Fish. Their cover of ‘Take On Me’ is a guaranteed succes whoever's watching. We hope.

10) The Defiled will play a set of Nirvana covers under the name Nirvana Defiled. Yep, that’s happening.

There isn’t much more we can say about this one, to be honest. See that happen at 11.15pm on Sunday in the Bohemia tent.

11) Trash Talk will probably get kicked out of the festival

Why? Because it always happens. They love their trouble, those Trash Talk boys, and festivals provide the perfect opportunity for some field-based tomfoolery. At the very least, expect their set to be a rollicking 40 minutes of near-the-knuckle fun.

Intrigued by any of this? Keep an eye on our Festivals page this weekend to see what actually unfolds at Sonisphere. Live updates? Photo galleries? Interviews? You name it, we'll have it.

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