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9 Bands That Have Broken Up That We Miss Every Single Day

Brii Jamieson
Brii Jamieson 24 February 2019 at 00.11

Well technically eight bands and one idea.

Gone but not forgotten. These are the bands that may have broken up, but who we still listen to. Who we keep on our playlists. Who we miss every single day.

When they called it quits in 2017, a little piece of pop-punk died. Credit to them for attempting to minimise heartbreak with their farewell tour. They did right by us.

We may be two years on from the breakup, but it still hurts. We still miss them every day. 

It's been four years since , but we just can't let go. Again, they did this the right way and announced a series of farewell tours to help our inevitable broken hearts. But even so. We miss them.

May 2018 marked the 10th anniversary of the release of their debut album 'Smart Casual', and the scene collectively held our breath for a reunion tour. But alas. It wasn't to be.

Following the appearance of frontwoman Cassadee Pope at Warped Tour last year, we are firmly back on the Hey Monday hype train. Especially after she performed some classic Hey Monday bangers during her set.

They're not technically broken up and are just on a hiatus, however it's been seven years. Get The Band Back Together 2019.

EDIT: Turns out this wasn't only wishful thinking- Man Overboard have announced their reformation and a series of 10th anniversary shows for late last year!

Hiatuses have certainly lasted longer than Man Overboard's. But has a hiatus ever left us as hopeful for a reunion?

It's hard to say what we miss more- the music or the sick 'DEFEND POP-PUNK' merch. (It's the music).

Oh, Cobra Starship. Truly gone too soon. Last November marked three years since their breakup was announced, and it still hurts. 

Also their music still stands up. 'Snakes On A Plane' continues to be an absolute banger.

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and Transit not being in our lives for the past three years has been near unbearable.

The band's last record, 14's 'Joyride', is one of the most underrated soundtracks of the summer ever committed to tape and we live in hope that we can hear those sunshine stained tones live once again in the near future.

We're seven years in to the Every Avenue hiatus. And we're ever hopeful they'll make a return. Bearing in mind that their announcement absolutely left the door open to the possibility: "As we have always said, this is see you later. We're not into goodbyes. We are not breaking up and are not on bad terms. We have all reached a new chapter in our lives and we are excited about exploring new possibilities."

It was a truly sad day back in February 2016 when We Are The In Crowd called a hiatus on their time as a band. It's not all lost though, because out of the ashes we got SAINTE

Even so, We Are The In Crowd were a Warped Tour staple, and we still miss them.

Technically an idea, and not a band at all. All joking aside though, this breakup hit hard didn't it? We miss them every day. Every single day. 

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